Deryk Munroe Knives Warg MK1 Blade Show 2016

Deryk Munroe Knives Warg MK1 Blade Show 2016

Posted by Clayton on Aug 13th 2015

The Warg MK1 from Deryk D.C. Munroe of Munroe Knives is one big bad beast!  Munroe knives are all about the details and the Warg is just that, very detailed. While it is the biggest of the Munroe lineup it still maintains the intricacies and hard use persona that DC Munroe is known for. I mean look at the detail in the step milled interior of the blade opener slot. The backspacer is recessed to near perfection for the lanyard slot.

Munroe Knives Warg MK1

The clip and frame have a beautifully perfect hexture design that is ridiculously sweet! The blade rolls out buttery smooth on phosphor bronze washers but if you didn't know that you would think it was a bearings for sure. The compound grind with hollow body has  a reinforced tip with dark tumbled finish on the CPM 3V blade steel.


The Warg fits ergonomically well in the hand and feels like an extension of your arm when you hold it. It is solid as a rock and capable of tackling any task you throw at it. The styling and details are incredible, right down to the hextured titanium and superconductor pivot.


This is one of only 10 Wargs made to date and this one is a "one off" because of the Superconductor pivot inlay. This Warg is from the 2016 Blade Show!



  • Overall: 8.75
  • Blade: 4" CPM-3V Acidwash RC-60
  • Phosphor-Bronze washers, Compound Grind Acid washed 
  • Handle: 4.8" Oxidized 6AL4V Titanium (Hextured)
  • Pivot: Superconductor Pivot inlay (Copper Pivot Pins)
  • Hardened Steel Frame Bolts
  • Munroe Box (pictured contents included)
  • Source: Maker (Blade Show May 2016)