Must-Have EDC Tools

Must-Have EDC Tools

Oct 22nd 2019

Your everyday carry items are unique to you. While almost everyone has their keys, wallet, and phone with them at all times, there are also several other essential EDC tools to prioritize. Check out these must-have functional items:

Must-Have EDC Tools

A Pocket Knife

You may have guessed that a pocket knife would be at the top of our must-have EDC list. A EDC knife should be compact, durable, and reliable. The most popular EDC knives are folding knives, however some enthusiasts swear by their fixed blade, so it really is a personal decision. A knife is part tool, part self-defense weapon, so think about all the daily tasks it can come in handy for. 

A Money Clip

Why carry a wallet when you can carry a money clip? Again, this is personal preference, but many men prefer the compact design of a money clip to a traditional bulky wallet. Keep your cash and credit cards secure with the  Microtech Exocet. The Exocet is an innovative OTF double action automatic knife with an oversized pocket clip that doubles as a money clip. It will hold 10-20 dollar bills or 5-7 credit cards and still function as an OTF knife. Perfect EDC size with a blade length of 1.9 inches.

A Key Organizer

Tired of flipping through all your keys to find the right one? Find the right key quickly with a key organizer. The  KEYBAR has a sleek, streamlined design which allows you to load up to 12 keys in your preferred order and features washers between each key for easy deployment. It also gives you the option to add items like a USB or comb to your organizer to build your modern multitool.

A Flashlight

Yes, your smart phone has a flashlight, but the light it illuminates isn't powerful enough to perform tasks in low-light conditions. Carrying a flashlight as part of your EDC kit ensures you always have a reliable light source when you need it most. The  Mechforce Mechtorch flashlight is virtually indestructible with shockproof suspension design and hardened dual AR coated glass. The light is completely programmable with off-time memory, mode-locking function and temperature sensor. Finally, the triple channel LED driver allows the flashlight to emit up to 1,300 lumens, more than ten times the power of your phone light!

A Pen

How many times a day do you find yourself scrambling for a  pen? Stop the scramble and be prepared with the Rick Hinderer Knives Investigator spiral pen. This titanium pen is a smaller, "easy to carry" pen at just over 4" long and .8 ounces. This heavy duty pen gets the job done in any situation. You will feel the overall toughness and quality of this pen as soon as you grip it.

In Conclusion

Having the right EDC tools will leave you prepared for anything that comes your way throughout the day. Keep your pockets light, but well equipped with these must-have essentials. At Eknives, we have a wide variety of in-stock EDC items available. Have a question or looking for something specific? We're happy to help! Call us at (423) 525-9477 and we'll gladly assist you.