All You Need To Know About Microtech Fixed Blade Knives

All You Need To Know About Microtech Fixed Blade Knives

Sep 30th 2021

All You Need to Know About Fixed Blade Knives

As a knife enthusiast, you probably aim to purchase the perfect blade. With so many options available in the market, figuring out which one to select can be intimidating. That's why we want to explain why buying a fixed-blade knife should be your next choice through this blog - giving you the confidence that adding this item to your collection is an excellent decision!

Let's Learn the Basics About Them

Fixed-blade knives are a popular choice among knife lovers, and they're widely used by hunters, military personnel, and even law enforcement. The key feature of this type of knife is that it has a solid construction - meaning the blade cannot fold down or be detached from its handle. This makes it a stronger option than other knives in terms of durability and performance.

There Are So Many Benefits of Having One

Increased Durability

Fixed-blade knives are more durable than folding knives and require less maintenance over time.

Easy Maintenance

Since the blade is fixed, there are no moving parts on a fixed-blade knife, so cleaning and sharpening it is much simpler than other types of blades.


They can be used for various tasks such as hunting, skinning, chopping wood, and self-defense due to their robust design and strength.

Secure Grip

A full tang handle provides additional balance when using one, which makes cutting safer by reducing the risk of slipping or losing grip during use.

Improved Safety

The lack of any exposed parts or joints in a fixed-blade knife greatly reduces the likelihood that something will go wrong, causing injury to you or anyone around you while handling the weapon.


Given its robust construction, well-built fixed-blade knives can last years without needing replacement despite frequent usage.

When Looking for a Fixed Blade Knife, a Microtech One Is a Must

To ensure that you find the ideal fixed-blade knife to fit your needs and desires, Eknives has gathered an impressive selection of Microtech knives. These blades are all thoroughly vetted for quality, so you can purchase them confidently, knowing that it will be a long-term investment that won't leave you with remorse down the road.

Take the plunge and find your perfect fixed-blade knife today! Once you have selected it, we can promptly ship it to your doorstep. With our unparalleled speed in delivery, this will be a decision you won't regret making.


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