New Knives that We Are Excited to Add to Our Collection

New Knives that We Are Excited to Add to Our Collection

Posted by Clayton on Jul 19th 2016

There are many new knives coming to market virtually every month. We continually expand our inventory to bring our customers the best new brands and types of knives.

There are new, impressive additions from Microtech, Borka Blades, and more.

Here, we have selected a few of the most notable new blades to give you a glimpse of the exciting additions to our collection. Knives like the Microtech Stitch Auto Borka, the Storm Trooper Combat Troodon, and the Moen Custom Blue Max are a few of the ones that we highlight, but check out the rest of the website for more new blades

Microtech Stitch Auto Borka Blades Apocalyptic 169-10AP

The new Microtech Stitch Auto from Microtech/Borka Blades is the highly-anticipated production collaboration between Microtech’s Anthony Marfione and Sebastijan Berenji of Borka Blades. Its overall length is 8.5” with a blade length of 3.75”, made of CPM-3V steel. The blade is Wharncliffe style, has a hollow blade grind, and has an easy-to-use automatic push button for an opener.

This knife is built like a tank. It is extremely tough, with wear-resistant steel and a durable blade release mechanism. The stitch design on the handle looks great, and the comfortable, solid grip makes it a dream to handle. The knife is perfect for heavy-duty, regular use, both indoors or outdoors. It is a must-have for experienced knife lovers or first-time buyers.

Sebastijan Berenji of Borka Blades is a fantastic custom knife maker who, only in the last couple of years, has quickly become one of the most popular manufacturers of quality knives. His designs are flawless. Due to their popularity, they can be difficult to find.

Microtech Storm Trooper Combat Troodon DE White Star Wars 142-1ST

The next addition we are excited about is the Microtech Storm Trooper Combat Troodon. This blade is the newest member of the Microtech Star Wars collection. Overall, the length is 9.5” extended, with a 3.8” blade made of white coated Elmax steel and Double edge blade. The handle is made of white aluminum with black hardware. It weighs only 5.8 oz.

When it is closed, the tip-down pocket clip is designed for right- and left-handers. The blade is perfect for knife and Star Wars collectors everywhere. It has a durable blade and comfortable handle and is very functional. The stylish, all-white theme gives it that classic Star Wars look.

Moen Custom Knives Blue Max Auto Carbon Fiber 3.75” CTS-XHP

Moen is a quality name in knife manufacturing. The Moen Custom Knives Blue Max Auto Carbon Fiber knife is a revamped version of the original Blue Max. Named after the German WWI equivalent of our Medal of Honor today, this blade has all the features of Moen’s original version. However, it is now equipped as an automatic.

The extended length is 8.5”, with a blade length of 3.75”. That makes it about the same size as the Microtech Stitch. The blade is made of CTS-XHP steel with a satin and tumbled finish. The handle is carbon fiber, and it has an automatic push button that opens it up extremely quickly.

The blue anodized clip and the blue titanium backspace give the knife a sleek burst of color against an all-black surface.

This easy to use, quality knife is perfect for collectors or anyone looking for a good, everyday knife. The CTS-CHP steel ensures that it is durable. The comfortable ergonomic grip molds to your hand. The serrated edge of the blade nearest the handle gives it a very practical touch that helps make it a very popular choice.

Jerry Moen of Moen Custom Knives personally designed the Blue Max at his facility in Dallas, Texas. He created this piece of perfection in memoriam to his longtime friend, Raymond Beadle.

Aaron Frederick Custom DP1 Folder Hand Rubbed Satin TKI 2017

The Aaron Fredrick Custom DP1 Folder Hand Rubbed Satin TKI was a big hit at the 2017 Tactical Knife Invitational in Las Vegas. This absolutely beautifully crafted blade has a hand-rubbed satin finish that gleams. You can see the craftsmanship that Aaron Frederick puts into his work in this piece.

The DP1 has Westinghouse handles with hammered copper bolsters. In addition, there are purple anodized titanium liners that match the anodized titanium hardware. And, of course, the knife comes with the signature Aaron Frederick American Flag bandana.

These are only a few of the great new knives we carry. Check out these and more on our website today.