Product Review: Zero Tolerance 0300 Blackwash Finish ZT0300BW

Product Review: Zero Tolerance 0300 Blackwash Finish ZT0300BW

Posted by Clayton on Apr 2nd 2013

Zero Tolerance continues to outperform many in the field with their long line of tactical folding knives. The newest blade finish to hit the market from ZT knives is the flagship 0300 in a blackwash finish, which is also available on the 0560. The Zero Tolerance 0300BW looks like an experienced veteran with this amazing rugged blade finish.

The blade has a "broken in" look to it that really compliments the knife in my opinion. Im digging it big time and have added it to my ZT collection of  folders. Like most ZT knives, the 300 is a beast with a stout stance and look. It is heavy as most ZT knives are but if you are a fan of Zero Tolerance then you pretty much know this going in.

How do you achieve the blackwashed look? According to ZT, you coat the components in Tungsten DLC (diamond like carbon) and then stone tumble them to get that rugged already worn look. Kind of like  you used to stonewash jeans back in the day to look cool. I really like this look on the 0300, very rugged.

The Handle

Like the previous Zero Tolerance 0300 models this one features black 3-D machined G-10 scales in the front and blackwashed 3-D machined titanium back with great ergonomics. The handle measures just over 5 inches in length and weighs 8 ounces, very stout. There is jimping on the thumb ramp for added grip allowing for seamless forward and reverse grip transitions.

The 3/8" hex head pivot shaft nut allows for simple adjusting in the field. The ZT quad mount pocket clip is tip up or down and left or right hand carry.

Like most ZT knives, you definitely know what you have in your hand with the 0300 blackwash. A very solid EDC tactical knife that can handle anything you throw at it.

The Blade

Like the previous ZT 0300 knives, the Blackwash is made from S30V stainless steel which makes for excellent wear resistance, durability and corrosion resistance. The S30V holds an edge forever which is why ZT continues to make it a staple to their lineup.

The Blackwash finish offers a dull, non reflective surface highlighting the lines in the blade. It is black Tungsten DLC coated with a stone tumbled finish that ensures hard use wear and tear on the blade are not noticeable. Like your new sports car that you wanna keep scratch free, the ZT0300 will not show those everyday scratches.

I decided to cut through a variety of products that included fruit, sticks, roofing tiles (yes I was having a new roof put on), and carpet (yes new carpet as well). The blade showed no wear at all and while that is not a lot of use, it is comforting to know that the blade is still brand new. The blade width on the 300 is quite large which I like, but some may find too much.

What I love about ZT knives is the solid feel and size. It makes the knife somewhat aggressive yet refined at the same time if that makes any sense.

As far as a tactical knife, the ZT 300 is all you would need out in the field able to handle anything that comes your way and then some. The only downside is it is a rather expensive tactical folder at $340 retail.

Now ZT does have a MAP (minimum advertised pricing) schedule on their knives and for the ZT 0300 BW it is $272 which is what we are selling this knife for. So if your looking to beef up your tactical line, go for the ZT 300 blackwash finish.


  • 5.12″ closed length
  • 4″  blade length (S30V standard edge)
  • .156″ blade thickness
  • Black G-10 titanium handles (3D machined)
  • Titanium frame lock
  • Weighs 8 oz
  • SpeedSafe ambidextrous opener “flipper index protrusion”
  • Pocket clip 4 way carry
  • Made in USA
  • Ken Onion-Strider designed
  • Retails for $340 Buy it Now for $272