New Zero Tolerance Knives Shot Show 2014

New Zero Tolerance Knives Shot Show 2014

Posted by Clayton on Jan 16th 2014

The 2014 Shot Show was anything but ordinary and if you like outdoor weapons and gear, then this is your unicorn. My very first stop was the KAI tent because I knew Kershaw (New logo, Ruby Flipper, Emerson Collaboration) and Zero Tolerance (Emerson, Hinderer) were having big debuts and the anticipation was killing me. They didn't disappoint.

NoteThe following Info and images are taken from KAI and eKNIVES.

As i walked in the booth there stood Rick Hinderer talking and showing his new line of ZT knives to the masses. His 3 new models with Zero Tolerance are the ZT 0180, ZT 0562CF (carbon fiber) and ZT0562 G-10 model.

The [button link="" color="orange"]ZT 0562[/button]  is a Rick hinderer flipper with an Elmax powdered steel drop point blade (3.5"). Like many of the Hinderer blade grinds this one features his "slicer" grind. The ZT 0562 rolls out on a KVT ball bearing system and locks up with a steel lock bar stabilizer inserted frame lock. The G-10 black handle measures 4.8" in length, perfect EDC size. Deep carry reversible pocket clip included. MSRP $250

Cousin to the 0562 is the[button link="" color="orange"]  ZT 0562CF[/button]  (carbon fiber) which features a carbon fiber front handle, stonewashed titanium back and Bohler M390 powdered steel drop point blade along with a lock bar inserted stabilizer frame lock and reversible pocket clip. MSRP $300

The [button link="" color="orange"]ZT 0180[/button]  is a smaller Hinderer Zero Tolerance fixed blade based on Ricks Fieldtac knife. A smaller fixed blade (9.2" overall but rock solid for tough hard use as with any ZT knife. It features G-10 scales and a Vanadis 4 extra powdered metallurgical steel blade (4.2") tungsten DLC coated for strength and wear resistance. The ZT 0180 field tac is a tough as nails no-nonsense fixed blade.MSRP $275

If the Hinderer collaborations were not intriguing enough, ZT decided to pair up with one of the best in the biz Ernest Emerson! Ernie designed the ZT 0620 (carbon fiber & G-10 version) a folder with his patented WAVE shaped pocket opening feature. The ZT 0620 comes in a G-10 and Carbon Fiber 0620CF model.

The [button link=""color="orange"]ZT 0620 [/button] features a 3.6" DLC coated Elmax modified tanto blade that is hair splitting sharp. The front handle is G-10 with a bead blasted titanium back for toughness and style. It measures 4.9" closed and locks up with a hardened steel inserted frame lock. Emerson knives patented WAVE opening feature allows for one handed opening when drawn out of the pocket. The ZT0620 has a thumb disc and it rides in the pocket with a black reversible pocket clip. MSRP $250

The [button link="" color="orange"]ZT 0620CF[/button]  features a 3.6" Bohler M390 powdered steel modified tanto blade with thumb disc and WAVE opening feature for one handed opening upon draw out of the pocket. The Carbon Fiber front handle with a titanium bead blasted back make for a hard use yet classy look. Hardened steel inserts make this frame lock rock solid. MSRP $300

The ETA on these knives is mid 2014, so click on the knife you want and simply click "Add to Waitlist" on the product page. Note: You will have to create an acct first (email & password) really quick.

To see our lineup of ZT knives [button link="" color="orange"]Click Here[/button] !