New Microtech Custom Anthony Marfione Knives For Sale EKNIVES

New Microtech Custom Anthony Marfione Knives For Sale EKNIVES

Posted by Clayton on Sep 6th 2016

Microtech Knives is an American manufacturer of the finest tactical knives based out of Bradford, Pennsylvania. Microtech was founded by Anthony Marfione in 1994 with one simple mission, “To Make The Best Possible Knives.” They are 100% American Made and damn proud of it.

Their automatic OTF line in current production includes the Combat Troodon, Troodon, Ultratech, Halo V, Scarab and Makora II. Blade configurations vary from double edged dagger and single edge drop point to tanto edge. Blade finishes comprise of black, bead blast, stonewash and satin finishes. There are some two-tone finishes as well like the Ultratech Bayonet grind.

Halo V

The Microtech Halo 5  is the largest of the Microtech OTF knives in current production. It has gained size over the years to become a beast at 11" in overall length. This single action blade measures just over 4.5 inches and currently is running in a single edge (plain and serrated), drop point or tanto, stonewash and bead blast finish.

The Microtech Halo V blade is extremely thick at .17". The black aluminum handle measures 6" and features bead blast finished hardware. The recessed push button deploys the larger than life blade with authority.

Combat Troodon

The Microtech Combat Troodon is one of the largest D/A (double action) OTF in the Microtech lineup. This beast of an Out The Front can handle just about anything you throw at it. The black anodized aluminum handle measures 5.75 inches and features a double action thumb slide for one-press deployment and retract.

All hardware on the Combat Troodon is bead-blast finished including glass breaker, thumb slide and pocket clip. The Combat Troodon blade measures 3.8 inches and comes in a variety of finishes (satin, stonewash, bead blast,  black) and edges (D/E, S/E drop point and tanto) including plain, partially serrated and combo blades. Blade steel varies from S30V to Elmax and ATS-34, depending on MT's flavor of the month.


The Microtech Troodon is the smaller sibling of the Combat Troodon (named after the Troodon Dinosaur) has a handle that measures 4.25" and is made of black aluminum.  The Microtech Troodon blade comes in at 3" and comes in a variety of blades finishes, colors and styles, equal to the Combat Troodon. It is basically the same knife at 2/3 the size. In my opinion it is the perfect size to EDC.

Blade steels for the Troodon also vary and depend on the Microtech flavor of choice. People often ask which is better to carry the Combat or Troodon and I say hands down the Troodon. It fits well in the pocket and is not too bulky. The Combat is really big and when it is in your pocket you definitely know it. Not so with the Troodon.


The Microtech Scarab  comes in a few varieties including the Executive and QD Scarab. The Executive model is an updated version of the original Scarab minus the grip tape inserts in the handle. This Limited Edition run is a one time only production and features a smooth handle. Microtech has plans to eliminate this model after it's current production. The Scarab Executive is a double action OTF with a single edge Elmax steel blade in several finishes (black, stonewash, satin) and edges.

The Microtech Scarab QD (quick deployment) is a more rugged version with grip tape inlay for excellent grip and a more tactical presence that rivals the Navy Seals Scarab. Port holes are present on the ends of the handle to allow for water drainage in underwater operation.

The Scarab Executive from has a 4.5" black aluminum handle with double action slide switch, glass breaker and bead blast finished hardware. The Scarab Beetle is visible on the pocket clip. The Executive blade is a 3.5" drop point with grooves on the top and sides.


Microtech Ultratech Knives is the otf knife that started it all for the Microtech Knives. This bad boy is a double action auto with a plethora of blade finishes and styles including the popular Bayonet which comes in a two tone black/satin finish that is absolutely beautiful. The Microtech Ultratech blade measures 3.4" and comes in several blade styles for you to choose from. The Ultratech has a 5" black aluminum handle with pocket clip, slide switch and glass breaker.


The Microtech UTX-70 is the smaller relative in the OTF family. At just over 3 inches long, the handle is made from aluminum with a double action slide switch like its bigger siblings. The blade measures just 2.5" and also comes in a California legal version as well. Blade styles are dagger, drop point and colors are the norm for a Microtech auto.

Microtech manufactures some of the finest tactical knives, automatic knives, butterfly knives and fixed blades on the market with extreme attention to detail. OTF automatics like the Combat Troodon and its smaller sibling the Troodon are made with the thinnest of tolerances.

Microtech Knives has received numerous awards and most recently won the 2013 Blade Show award for “Best Collaboration of the Year” and “Innovative Knife of the Year” for the Microtech D.O.C. Killswitch. A collaboration between Anthony Marfione and Mick Strider.

D.O.C Killswitch

The Microtech DOC Killswitch is an auto version of the DOC (death on contact) a collaboration between Mick Strider and Anthony Marfione.

Here is the current production models for Microtech Knives in our stock rotation:

  • Makora II - OTF auto D/A
  • Combat Troodon - OTF auto D/A
  • Troodon - OTF auto D/A
  • Scarab Executive - OTF Auto D/A
  • QD Scarab - OTF Auto D/A
  • Navy Scarab - OTF Auto D/A
  • UTX 70 - OTF auto D/A
  • UTX 85 - OTF Auto D/A
  • Ultratech - OTF auto D/A
  • Halo V - OTF auto (single action)
  • D.O.C. Killswitch - OTS Auto
  • Socom Delta - Tactical Folder

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