An Overview Of Pocket Knives: From The Swiss Army Knife To The Modern EDC

An Overview Of Pocket Knives: From The Swiss Army Knife To The Modern EDC

Jun 9th 2022

If you’re a knife collector, you understand these artifacts’ historical significance. Pocket knives have been a silent but essential hero throughout the centuries. After all, they provide a convenient solution to carry a blade wherever you go to handle various tasks and protect yourself.

And just like any other impactful tool, pocket knives have evolved. They have turned from small naked blades to folding knives to multi-tool items with various features and functions. In this blog, you’ll find a quick overview of how these valuable tools have developed into the everyday carry (EDC) you always keep with you. Let’s take a look!

The Peasant Knife

The peasant knife is one of the oldest types of pocket knives. Farmers and peasants first used it in Europe during their daily tasks. Peasant knives usually had a single blade with a wooden handle. Some models even featured an extra tool, like a bottle opener or corkscrew.

The Swiss Army Knife (SAK)

The Swiss Army Knife is the most iconic pocket knife ever made, going back to 1897. It stood out from its competitors since it had more than one blade. Most SAK models feature two blades, a Phillips screwdriver, and other tools like scissors, saws, can openers, and even mini-tweezers!

Opinel Knives

This pocket knife was first created by Joseph Opinel in 1890 and is still popular and seen as a classic tool. Originally designed to be a simple folding knife, it had a rotating lock that kept the blade safely inside the handle when not being used. It was also one of the first mass-produced pocket knives available.

The Modern EDC

Today, pocket knives have become even more sophisticated and are used for various activities. EDC pocket knife models are one of the most popular types nowadays. Quality brands like Microtech and Medford offer various EDC knives with various features to get users through daily tasks and self-protection. You can even customize your pocket knife!

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