The Power of Zero Tolerance Knives

The Power of Zero Tolerance Knives

Posted by Clayton on Dec 15th 2016

Finding the right tool for the job has never been easy. In the world of knives, that’s as true today, with the proliferation of options, manufacturers, and designs available at your fingertips, as it has ever been. What’s more, depending on your intended purpose, there are many different models and specifications available. Choosing the perfect knife for your specific needs can be an overwhelming task.

The Makers

Zero Tolerance Knives provides a solution. Based in the U.S., Zero Tolerance has carved out a niche as a manufacturer of hard-use professional-quality knives with innovative designs. As a KAI group subsidiary, their knives feature all the hallmarks of quality, attention to detail and a fusion of aesthetics and performance.

Zero Tolerance caters to serious knife enthusiasts across a wide variety of tastes. Known particularly for their chunkier, “overbuilt” style, their models run the gamut from heavier-duty pieces to slimmer, more pared-down designs. This makes their knives perfect for every activity, from everyday utilities to outdoor pursuits.

The Knives

Among the most popular lines is the 0562, a sturdy, classically Zero Tolerance piece with a 3.5” Elmax steel blade and a reversible deep-carry pocket clip—perfect for everyday carry, despite its 8.5” overall length.

The 0562, a collaboration with designer Rick Hinderer, revisits the classic 0560 model, slightly reducing the size of the blade in exchange for greater ease of use and versatility. It’s a tough, resilient knife, well-suited to serious usage in any variety of applications—crucially, it’s also a regular production model, making it far more practical for regular use than some previous high-spec Zero Tolerance products.

(In addition to the standard 0562 model, Zero Tolerance also offers the 0562CF, which boasts a carbon fiber handle and satin-finished M390 steel blade.)

The 0909 is a new collaboration between Zero Tolerance and designer Les George and is firmly in line with Zero Tolerance’s heavy-duty ethos. With a 3.8” blade and a total length of 8.5”, the knife lives up to both ZT’s and George’s reputation for satisfying oversize models perfectly.

However, like their previous joint model, the 0900, the simple contours on the handle allow a perfect fit into the hand, making it perfect for everyday use. Pick one up, and you might forget you’re carrying it—that is, until the time comes to put it to work. The blade is S3VN steel and, as such, offers both superior corrosion resistance and resistance to wear. It’s perfect for everything, from food preparation to woodwork or hunting.

The 0770CF is a regular model variation on the extremely popular limited-run 0777. Slightly pared back, at 7.5” overall length, the 0770CF is better-suited to everyday carry compared with its predecessor, while still providing the same blend of power and finesse that made the 0777 such a sensation.

The 3.25” drop point stonewashed Elmax blade is perfectly suited to a wide range of tasks and settings, while the carbon fiber handle ensures stability and balance despite the knife’s comparatively slight weight.

The 0450, meanwhile, is a marked departure from Zero Tolerance’s reputation for thickset, rugged pocket tanks. Collaborating with designer Dmitry Sinkevich, the 0450 is comparatively stripped down, with a thinner, sleeker blade. A titanium flipper, it also offers quick action and a light fit in your hand, with its 3.25” S3VN blade ensuring reliability and performance in spite of its reduced weight (by Zero Tolerance’s standards).

The Design

Zero Tolerance is known for working with an impressive list of standout designers: Jens Anso, Todd Rexford, and Ernest Emerson have all collaborated on popular designs, as well as Rick Hinderer, Dmitry Sinkevich, and Les George.

Fittingly, Zero Tolerance knives are at the leading edge of knife technology and design. For the handles, carbon fiber or 3-D titanium machining are frequently used, with an ergonomic focus that makes the knives a perfect fit for your hand. The flipper mechanisms often utilize Kershaw Velocity Technology ball-bearing systems, to ensure smooth, rapid deployment.

For the blades, Zero Tolerance exclusively employ high-end steels such as Elmax and S3VN, known both for their resilience and resistance to corrosion and for their ability to take and keep an edge. Stonewash finishes mask scratches and small wear to ensure the knives retain their sleek look even after heavy use, while, for other models such as the 0450CF, a blackwash finish provides an impressive tactical aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

Zero Tolerance achieves a rare balance, offering something to everyone while maintaining its identity and vision. With a background in military and tactical design, its knives are perfect for outdoor activities and personal protection, not to mention daily use. Among knife aficionados, Zero Tolerance is synonymous with performance, quality, and attractive design.