Product Review: Spyderco Cricket Glass Fiber Knife

Product Review: Spyderco Cricket Glass Fiber Knife

Posted by Clayton on Apr 11th 2013

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The Spyderco Cricket is an EDC knife that just about everyone needs in their lineup. I personally love this little cutter as it is small yet capable of a host of cutting tasks. When i first opened the box I was surprised at how little it is but the blade is very wide on it. Not to mention the curves in the blade which make it a unique cutting tool for opening boxes and such. In fact I highly recommended it to my UPS friends, but I digress.

The Spyderco Cricket has been around a while but in 2012 this version, the Cricket Glass Fiber saw Nishijin glass fiber handle scales introduced. It is smooth to the touch but has an almost diamond plate look to it which I like being a motorcycle junkie. My first thought when I took it out of the box was "no way in hell I can carry this little thing" after all it only measures just over 4.5" open.

But I had to give it a shot, at least for a knife review if nothing else. I will say that I was blown away at how easy it become to handle and now don't leave home without one, I keep it attached to my key ring (see below). After an hour or two it was very easy to open using the patented Spyderco hole and what I thought would slip out of my hand was not a problem at all once you get used to the size and curves.

The back side is polished stainless steel as you can see from the pic above (with stainless pocket clip) which I thought would be super slick but it was a non issue for me. I don't have large hands but I do imagine it would take longer to get used to for those with larger mitts. It locked up just fine with a Chris Reeves framelock integrated.

The Spyerco Cricket feels very balanced and will cut just about anything that I came across on a daily work week. I used it to carve into some strawberries since I had it on me. I also used it to open boxes, bags of mulch and slice through fabric (my wife likes to sew). The curve on the end of the blade makes it really good for slicing down things.

The closed length on the Cricket is just under 3 inches (you can see it next to my iphone 4s below) while the blade length is just under 2 inches. The blade is made of VG-10 stainless steel and the total weight of the knife is only 1.67 ounces.

I highly recommend this EDC knife for many reasons but most of all because it is so little yet powerful and a handy cutting tool for daily duties. It makes for a perfect EDC knife for women and my wife will attest to that. As soon as she saw it she had to have one. Needless to say she carries it in her pocket, on key ring, in her purse and yes she even attached it to her bra strap. Talk about a concealed weapon!

At an MSRP of $155 (we have it for much less) you really can't go wrong as you will get a lot of mileage out of this little tool.

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