Zero Tolerance 0350 Knives For Sale ZT0350

Zero Tolerance 0350 Knives For Sale ZT0350

Posted by Clayton on Apr 16th 2013

Ok so it's no great secret Im a huge fan of ZT knives and so getting a new one gets me very excited. I know this one has been out for a while but I am just now getting around to writing a review on it. I got particularly excited about the 0350 series because there are so many blade options that you really have a hard time picking one. So naturally, why not own all of them?

zero tolerance 0350 tiger striped zt0350ts

The Zero Tolerance o350 is essentially the "mini me" to the 0300 which ZT states is 10% smaller but to be honest it feels like 25% in your hand. I was shocked at the difference in the two sizes and the 0350 is way more pocket savvy to carry.

zero tolerance 0350 blackwash knife zt0350bw


The ZT 0350 features a 3.25" S30V Tungsten DLC (diamond like carbon) coated blade with the option of 5 blade finish configurations that include:

  • Black DLC coated (Standard,Combo)
  • Stonewashed
  • Composite blade
  • Blackwash (new)
  • Tiger striped (Standard, Combo)
  • ZDP-189 blade steel


I have to say the the tiger striped blade is by far my favorite as it just screams "sick as hell" all over it.... in my opinion. DLC coated essentially makes the blade finish harder and more corrosion resistant while reducing friction according to

zero tolerance 0350 stonewash blade zt0350sw

The stonewashed finish (ZT0350SW) has a certain appeal as well and I like the fact that is will not show as many signs of wear and tear unlike the black DLC coated and tiger striped.

zero tolerance 0350 folding knife zt0350

The ZT 0350 blade deploys via a flipper or index finger protrusion which travels on the SpeedSafe spring assisted open system developed by master knifemaker and designer, Ken Onion. When pressed with the index finger it flips the blade out extremely smooth. While this tactical folder is not considered a switchblade, it is the next best thing, and legal...which is really nice :).

zero tolerance 0350 tactical folding knife zt0350


The ZT 350 features a 4.5" solid G-10 scaled handle as opposed to the 3-D machined scaled on the ZT0300. It also features a locking liner for excellent lockup when opened. I found it to be locked up every time and the flipper was very pleasant to use. Now there are a few limited run options on the handle that include:

  • Standard Black G-10 0350
  • Orange G-10 (limited run) 0350or
  • Green anodized aluminum (limited run) 0350grn
  • Brown anodized aluminum (limited run) 0350brn

The 0350 comes with ZT's quad mount black stainless pocket clip that can be carried tip up or down and left, right handed carry. A lanyard hole is also predrilled for those that prefer it, myself included.

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