The Protech Godfather Automatic Knife

The Protech Godfather Automatic Knife

Posted by Clayton on Mar 4th 2014

Protech Knives are known for their rapid fire tactical OTS (out the side) autos and collectible beauties. The Godfather series fits the mold quite nicely with an abundance of color, materials and inlay options to strike a cord with most Protech Automatic



The Godfather blade is an Italian "Stilletto" influence and has a very fine and sharp tip. The blade style is made for stabbing and not ideal for utility use although many may use it for that. The tactical blade is made from 154 CM stainless steel which Pro-tech uses on most knives. The blade measures 4 inches in length and comes in satin and black tactical finishes.


Protech Godfather production knife handles are made from 6061 T6 aluminum that are machined from solid black stock. Handle colors vary from black and silver to G-10 and Cocobolo custom wood inlays. G-10 inserts are common on the Godfather with beveled edges. No jimping on the choil of the handle so hand slipping is a concern.

Black tip down pocket clip is standard on the production Godfather handle and the whole knife weighs just 4 ounces. Overall the Protech Godfather boasts everything you would expect from a Pro-Tech automatic. Rock solid lockup and sturdy frame with absolutely no blade play whatsoever.

The push button opener is recessed into the handle so no accidental deployment issues to deal with. The buttons come in a variety of finishes depending on the model and customization. It fires really hard and fast as you come to expect from ProTech Knives.

As nutnfancy points out below, it is a beautiful auto that everyone should own if you are into tactical side openers. Those that are not into knives just won't get it or appreciate the craftsmanship in a Protech Automatic.

The following are a few of the Godfather knives available for 2014:

  • 900 - Special grey handle, G-10 inlays, satin blade $320
  • 900BT - Special grey handle, G-10 inlays, black blade $320
  • 901 - Black handle, Carbon Fiber inlays, satin blade $320
  • 901BT - Black handle, Carbon Fiber inlays, black blade $360
  • 906 -  Black handle, Maple Burl Wood inlays, satin blade $360
  • 907 - Black handle, Maple Burl Wood inlays, black blade $360
  • 907C - Black handle, Cocobolo inlays, black blade $360
  • 909BT - Blue jazz anodized aluminum, black G-10, black blade $340
  • 920 - Solid black handle, bead blast blade $260
  • 921 - Black handle, black blade $280
  • 921 SWAT - Tactical black handle (hardware), black blade $280
  • 941 - Italian inspired engraved frame, black ash burl wood inlays, satin blade $420
  • 942 - Italian inspired engraved frame, black ash burl wood inlays, black blade $420
  • 951 - Tuxedo black polished w/ Ivory Micarta inlays, satin blade $360
  • 952 - Tuxedo black frame w/ Ivory Micarta inlays, satin blade $360