Protech Knives Releases Their First Custom Butterfly Balisong Knife - The Flyfather

Protech Knives Releases Their First Custom Butterfly Balisong Knife - The Flyfather

Posted by Drake on Feb 5th 2013

The "Flyfather" is a custom creation by ProTech knives that took years of begging to finally materialize. The flyFather is a tribute to Pro Tech's famously popular "Godson" and "Godfather" autos. This unique butterfly knife appeals to the butterfly and Protech followers they promise.

The FlyFather is chocked full of features unique to the butterfly and Pro Tech world that will have you grinning from ear to ear. To start with the handles and latch are machined from solid titanium bars for strength. The pivot surfaces are machined tracked with 14 individual balls and 56 ball bearings which equals one very smooth butterfly knife!

Specs: Overall Length: 9.25" Blade Length: 4.25" Closed Length: 5.25" Weight: 4.0 oz. Blade Steel: 154CM Handles: Titanium

Thread locker is not needed on this balisong butterfly knife and here is why:

The FlyFather features a very excellent system that allows a small set screw opposite of the pivot screw to LOCK IN the tightness without using any locktite or other thread locking material. Simply adjust the main pivot screw to the desired tension and then tighten down the small set screw on the opposite side to hold it into place. This allows for an unlimited amount of adjustment to the opening tension -

Pretty great huh! We are impressed and so should you be. But that is not all, the latch on the Flyfather is a custom titanium 3D machined work of art. The integral latch guard keeps the sharp edge from hitting the latch when flipping, a common occurrence with many butterfly knives.

The titanium handles will be available in an orange peel finish with solid blue or blue/silver as seen above.

This knife retails for $650 and only 200 of the first run being produced!