The Quality and Artistry of Protech Knives

The Quality and Artistry of Protech Knives

Posted by Clayton on Sep 21st 2017

If you are looking to add a new knife to your collection, any knife created by Protech is an excellent choice. Protech knives are extremely durable, and they are also expertly designed to reduce the chance of a malfunction. This means they are safe to use, even if you are a beginner.

About Protech

Protech is a family-owned company based in California that has been making knives for more than a decade. Its products include a wide range of custom knives, as well as automatic knives and everyday knives. The company’s knowledge about crafting blades is extensive, with expertise covering everything from hunting knives to military blades.

All of Protech’s knives feature American craftsmanship that leverages a unique anodizing technique designed to provide superior corrosion protection and improved durability. These knives aren’t just effective; they are stunning and stylish, too. Some models feature splashy colors while others have skull inlays — so they all look impressive when the blade is drawn.

Protech also produces a wide range of automatic knives in different sizes and styles. Some are well suited to hunting while others are better for military combat, but all of them feature the same high-quality construction that has become a characteristic of Protech’s products.

Knife Quality and Design

Protech has won various awards for the design and quality of its knives. The company recently won the Investor/Collector Knife of 2018 Award for the Newport Diamond Ultimate knife at the annual Blade Show. This is the seventh time the company has won the prestigious award.

The Newport Diamond Ultimate features a solid steel handle with gold and diamond accent inlays set on an engraving by the artist Mitchel Lurth. The push button features similar gold accents, as well as nine small diamonds by Tacori. The mosaic Damascus blade by Chad Nichols completes the exquisite design of this limited-edition showpiece.

Although only 10 of the Newport Diamond Ultimate knife were made, the award it received is a testament to the excellent designs produced by Protech. This attention to detail is something buyers of more pedestrian knives can expect to see in the product they select.

Popular Styles of Protech Knives

Protech’s knives come in all shapes and sizes, but some of its more popular products include the Protech Godson and the Protech TR3.

Protech Godson

The Protech Godson is a smaller version of the classic Godfather automatic knife, and it has a three-inch satin-finished blade that offers extreme sharpness. The push-up button fires the blade out in under a second, and there is a plunge lock to ensure the blade doesn’t become loose. These features make the knife very safe and easy to use.

The knife is also ideal for use as an everyday carry since it only weighs 3 ounces. Its light weight makes it an excellent choice for a hunting or survivalist trip, as the knife won’t weigh you down or take up too much room in your pocket.

Protech TR3

The Protech TR3 is a popular model favored by law enforcement and military professionals. The knife has a multi-use blade that is 3.5 inches long, and it uses top-quality 154CM steel. Its construction makes the knife extremely durable, so it can withstand the stresses of frequent use without becoming damaged.

The blade has a 4.5-inch handle made from milled black aluminum. The handle gives it a stylish look, and the engraved texture also makes it very easy to hold, so the knife stays secure in your hand.

The Protech TR3 is also lightning quick. It has a recessed push button for rapid blade deployment, making it ideal for any emergency. There is also a pocket clip on the handle for carrying convenience.

Protech’s Standout Quality and Artistry

The Protech brand has become synonymous in knife-enthusiast circles for outstanding quality and artistry, especially when it comes to the selection of automatic knives. Both Protech’s single-blade and double-blade designs have won fans around the world.

From a utility perspective, Protech knives don’t disappoint either. Some of its knives have found use in law enforcement, in emergency response units and among military professionals. They are also equally loved by outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists for their ruggedness and durability.

With Protech knives garnering praise from a wide variety of people, they are a great option if you’re looking for a new knife. Whether you need one for a camping trip or as standard kit for your profession, Protech offers durable, high-quality knives to suit your unique personal requirements.