Ramon Chaves Ultramar Redencion Street Knives Produced By Reate Knives

Ramon Chaves Ultramar Redencion Street Knives Produced By Reate Knives

Jun 14th 2018

The old saying "there is more than one way to skin a cat" rings true in so many arenas. Custom knife making is no different. When Custom knife maker and designer Ramon Chavez became an elite knife maker in the knife world, people began to flock to his creations. Naturally many of them could not afford a $1500 knife and a wait period of months or even years to get one. So Ramon decided to take his most popular model, the Redencion and scale it down to a "street" version and enlist the skill of Asian Knife Maker David Deng of Reate Knives. 

If you have been in the knife world for any period of time or been to any of the knife shows all over the Country all year long, then you have likely seen Reate Knives. They are everywhere and as hard working as you will find on the planet. Reate is known for taking a custom knife makers designs and putting them into production at a much lower cost. This allows the maker the ability to get his model out to the masses at a much more affordable price.

Ramon Chaves Knives enlisted Reate to produce his Redencion Street model and named it the Ultramar. A very worthy knife at a very affordable price point. The production model ranges in price from $250-$299 in all Titanium (blasted or PVD) or a mixture of Titanium and Micarta or G10 materials. The blades are all S35VN and come in Satin or PVD stonewash drop point or Tanto edge. 

Ramon's signature Titanium skull pocket clip is something every collector wants from a Chaves knife so those going after this production model will not be disappointed. The skull clip is in fact on every Ultramar model in blasted Titanium.

One thing you will find with Reate Knives is their quality and attention to detail. Fit and finish is superb and their packaging is first rate. Yes they are made in China but do not let that fool you for one second. This is a high end well oiled machine that some of the best knife makers in the world (Kirby Lambert, Tashi Bharuca) trust to take their design to production, and that is saying something.