Sharpening Your Knowledge: Knife Terminology Guide

Sharpening Your Knowledge: Knife Terminology Guide

Jan 6th 2022

So, you're interested in the world of EDC knives? Do you feel lost, not knowing where to start? Knife collecting and carrying is an amazing hobby full of art and passion. But before you can call yourself an expert, there are some terms you must know by heart.

In this blog, we've prepared a small terminology guide filled with concepts and words to help you understand the EDC world better.

EDC Knife Terminology You Must Know

Here are 10 terms you must know to understand and enjoy the knife-collecting world:

  • Blade: This is the main part of the knife. It can be made of steel or other materials. Its purpose is to cut and pierce things
  • Tang: This is the part that connects the blade with the handle. It gives strength and stability when using the knife.
  • Handle: The handle provides comfort and grip when cutting or slicing objects with the knife.
  • Edge: The part of the blade that cuts through objects. It can be sharpened to maintain its performance.
  • Point: This is the tip of the knife, usually used for piercing and detail cutting.
  • Bolster: This is a thick piece of metal between the handle and the blade that helps protect your fingers from slipping onto the blade.
  • Heel: The bottom of the blade where meets with the handle.
  • Butt: This is the end of the handle and can sometimes be used to strike objects or open bottles.
  • Lockback: A type of knife featuring an integrated locking system with a spring bar and tooth at one end. It uses the notch on the blade to keep it together when tension is applied.
  • Walk & Talk: When a folding knife operates, "walk & talk" can describe the experience. The term derives from how smooth it feels when opening and the satisfying snap heard when closing, both of which make for an exceptional quality walk & talk.

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