Should I DIY Sharpen My Microtech Knife?

Should I DIY Sharpen My Microtech Knife?

Feb 7th 2023

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of wielding a Microtech Knife. Still, as any dedicated owner knows, the inevitable moment will arrive when its once razor-sharp edges start to dull. When faced with this situation, you might be caught in a dilemma—should you attempt to sharpen the blade yourself or seek professional assistance?

To provide guidance, we've crafted this blog with invaluable information about the sharpening process specifically tailored to Microtech knives. So, let's dive in and explore the world of DIY sharpening together!

What Having a Microtech Knife Truly Means

To start this learning journey, you must understand the mission behind any Microtech knife, which is the following:

¨We have been dedicated to making the world's best cutting tools with the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques...¨

Now that you know the basics of this amazing product, we can go deeper into Microtech's opinion on DIY sharpening.

Microtech's Opinion on DIY Sharpening

Microtech recommends seeking professional help to sharpen them if you are not confident doing it properly. However, if you choose to sharpen the knife, they specify that your warranty will still be valid if you don't damage or strip the handle.

In summary, attempting to sharpen a Microtech Knife on your own is a viable option, especially when providers always look out for an undamaged product.

Professional Help Will Always Be Reliable

Even when faced with the daunting prospect of sharpening your Microtech Ultratech Knife yourself, it's important to remember that professional help will always be on hand. One great example of this is the service provided by Microtech.

You can send your knife their way to get thorough maintenance by their technicians. Who will disassemble, clean the interior and exterior of the knife, oil it, sharpen it to a razor-sharp edge, and reassemble it all.

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