Earth Brown Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Knives In Stock

Earth Brown Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Knives In Stock

Posted by Clayton on May 15th 2014

The very popular earth brown Spyderco Paramilitary 2 knife is back in stock for a limited time. We only have a dozen of these so they will go quick. Same G-10 handle and S35VN blade as always. Get them at a great price before they are gone for another year or so.

The Paramilitary 2

One of the hardest knives to come by is the extremely popular Spyderco Paramilitary 2 folding knife. The demand for this knife far outweighs the production, perhaps by design. When Spyderco produced the Paramilitary 2 they knew they had stuck gold. The size of the Military models was just too large for most to EDC so spydie decided to create the smaller sibling. If your lucky enough to get your hands on one by all means DON"T let your buddy have a look at it. I think you will agree it is an everyday MUST carry (edmc) :).

Compared to the original Spyderco ParaMilitary (2004) the newest installment (introduced in 2010) features a more narrow G10 handle with skeletonized liners for better ergonomics and performance. The handle and blade are thinner so there is no "angle" issue when the knife is closed.

Handle ergonomics and price point no doubt make this knife a huge seller. But perhaps the Spyderco Compression Lock is also one of the biggest draws. It sits on top of the handle rather than below, so you do not risk cutting yourself when closing the blade. It is also great for left and right handed people which many knives cannot claim.

The previous model had a pronounced curve at the back which would tend to leave abrasions on the hand, not so with the new model. The jimping on the thumb ramp and choil are just perfect and ergonomically sound in my opinion. It is definitely one of my favorites to EDC and Im partial to flippers and autos.

The tip on the blade is longer than the previous model and houses a larger patented Spyderco Round Hole for easier deployment. The upgraded 4 way stainless pocket clip is a ambidextrous tip up or tip down and left or right hand carry all while riding nice and deep in the pocket. Some complain about the handle to blade ratio because the handle is quite a bit longer than the blade on the new Para2 but I have no issue with that. It allows for a little grip area.

  • The Blade on the PM2 measures 8.3 inches overall, 4.8  inches closed and features a 3.5 inch CPM-S30V saber shaped razor sharp flat ground blade. It contains a larger than average "thumb hole opener" Spydie hole at about 14mm making it very "glove friendly".
  • Bushing pivot pin that is recessed offers smooth action
  • The Handle is made of G10 with nested and drilled out liners and a compression lock system which is ambidextrous and great for lefties. The handle is oversized to accommodate a tactical or precision grip. The ergonomic fit and layout of this knife is quite extraordinary.
  • The lanyard hole is very large for carry options
  • The pocket clip is a classic Spyderco spoon "4 way carry" made of stainless steel.

Paramilitary2 Options

There are 4 production options to choose from when looking to purchase a Spyderco Para-military 2 knife.

  • Model C81G2  all black handle with stainless standard edge blade.
  • Model C81GBK2 all black handle knife with black finish blade and clip.
  • Model C81GCMO2 digital camo handle with stainless standard edge blade.
  • Model C81GCMOBK2 digital camo handle and black finish stainless blade and clip.
  • Model C81GPBN Earth brown handle with stainless satin finish blade

Note: I have had many people ask me if the Paramilitary 2 comes in a combo edge blade. The answer is, not to my knowledge. Beware, there are a lot of fakes out there. So if you come across someone trying to sell a Para 2 with a serrated edge, be cautious.

Also: There are some custom applications on the market with higher quality steels and they are higher priced if you are looking for a more custom Para2.

The demand far outweighs supply and according to one source it is because Spyderco reduced the price as compared to the original Paramilitary and because of it's popularity, production can't keep up. Or it could be because of a quality control issue that is keeping them from being mass produced to keep up with demand. I personally tend to believe that it is the margins are reduced therefore the ever popular knife sold much faster than expected and thus reduced inventory. But who knows, you be the judge.

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 Spyderco History

Spyderco was founded in Golden, Colorado in 1978 by by Sal Glesser. It was behind Spyderco's vision that current folding knives harness a pocket clip for easy pocket carrying. They are also responsible for the easy opening hole and serrations often found on many pocket knives these days. With the use of over 20 different blade variations, as well as dozens of custom knifemakers and self-defense instructors, Spyderco become one of the premium and well known brands in the world.

Most of Spyderco's cutlery consists of folding knives with very unique designs and two patented locking systems. Most of the handles are made from  FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) and G10. Much of Spyderco's production is handled overseas in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and China. The Paramilitary 2 is made in Golden, Colorado.