Easy Steps To Remove Stripped Screws From Your Knife

Easy Steps To Remove Stripped Screws From Your Knife

Aug 2nd 2022

Are you frustrated because of the stripped screws on your pocket knife? It's a common problem that can happen to anyone, but removing them can be daunting. You may worry about damaging the knife while trying to get rid of the stripped screws.

But don't worry; we've got you covered! In this article, we'll go over 5 easy steps to remove stripped screws from your knife without causing any harm.

Great Tips To Remove Stripped Screws

Stripped screws can be removed in various ways, and here are some great tips for removing them:

Drill It Out

Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw head and drill it in the center of the stripped screw. Once the drill bit has made a hole, insert a screw extractor and turn it counter-clockwise until the screw loosens.

Use An Elastic Band

Wrap an elastic band around the screw head and use a screwdriver to turn it. The elastic band provides a better grip and can help remove the stripped screw.

Use A Flathead Bit And A Hammer

Place a flathead bit on the stripped screw and tap it lightly with a hammer. The impact may loosen the screw and allow you to remove it.

Try Allen Keys

If the stripped screw is hexagonal, try using an Allen key. These keys are designed to fit into hexagonal screw heads and provide enough grip to remove the stripped screw.

Try A Dremel Tool

A Dremel tool can be used to cut a slot into the top of the stripped screw, which allows you to use a flathead screwdriver to remove it.

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