Switchblades Laws In The State Of Utah

Switchblades Laws In The State Of Utah

Dec 29th 2020

Many of us have been there - scouring the web to discover if owning and carrying our dream switchblade is legal, only to find confusing information and opinions. If this sounds like your experience, don't worry: we're here today with good news.

This blog post will provide up-to-date guidance regarding switchblades. Get ready for deep dives into Utah's current laws — it'll make all the difference when it comes time to choose between models and decide whether or not you can carry them in public.

How Does The State Of Utah Define A Switchblade?

The state of Utah defines a switchblade as any knife with a blade that opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring, or other devices in the knife's handle.

Are Switchblades Illegal In Utah?

In Utah, switchblade knives are not restricted due to the state's uniformity in weapon laws. According to the statute, some types of knives may be classified as dangerous weapons. However, they can be carried openly or hidden without legal consequences — unless you're convicted of a felony or have criminal intent.

What Can You Legally Own?

In Utah, it's legal to own the following:

  • A Balisong, or butterfly knife
  • A dirk or dagger
  • A stiletto
  • A bowie knife
  • An automatic or gravity knife
  • A disguised knife, such as a lipstick or belt buckle
  • OTF switchblades

Who Can't Own Or Carry A Knife In Utah?

The Utah Knife Law has a restricted person category that prohibits people with the following data from carrying or owning a knife:

  • Has committed a serious, violent offense according to the regulations outlined in Utah Code Ann
  • Is not currently under probation or parole for any felony conviction
  • Committed to the Division of Juvenile Justice Services for custody and rehabilitation, this individual is currently on parole from a facility that provides 24-hour supervision and confinement for young offenders.
  • During the last decade, this individual has been ruled delinquent for a crime that would have directly constituted a violent felony according to Utah Code Ann. § 76-3-203.5 if committed by an adult.
  • Is residing in the United States without legal authorization

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