Switchblades: Legal Or Not in Missouri?

Switchblades: Legal Or Not in Missouri?

Dec 15th 2020

Did you know that collecting and carrying switchblades in certain states can be penalized? If you live in Missouri and have been thinking about purchasing a switchblade, then this blog is for you! We will explore the topic of switchblade laws in Missouri. We'll break down exactly what kinds of knives are legal in the state, what kinds may be carried with certain restrictions, and whether owning and carrying switchblades is indeed allowed by The Show Me State.

All these questions are answered - plus more - to ensure that all your fears about keeping yourself safe on your travels around Missouri are clear. Read on to find out if it is indeed legal to carry a switchblade or not!

Defining Switchblades

Before we get into the legalities of owning and carrying switchblades in Missouri, let's first define a switchblade knife. Generally speaking, switchblades are classified as any kind of knife with a spring-loaded blade that can be opened by pressing a button, lever, or switch. These knives may also be referred to as "automatic knives" and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Missouri Updated Knife Laws: Are Switchblades Illegal?

Now that you know what OTF switchblades are, let's delve into Missouri knife laws. Before 2012, buying and carrying a switchblade in Missouri was illegal. Thankfully, the laws have changed for the better; automatic knives are no longer classified as prohibited weapons! This means it is completely LEGAL to own and carry an automatic knife in this state without any repercussions.

According to Federal Laws, you are legally allowed to carry an automatic knife or switchblade if the blade is not larger than 3 inches. Ultimately, being aware of all relevant statutes will ensure that you stay within legal boundaries when owning or using auto-knives and switchblades.

Are There Any Restrictions?

The Missouri knife law does have some restrictions for carrying knives around. These are the following:

  • Individuals may legally carry a pocketknife with a folding blade of fewer than four inches in length.
  • In Missouri, carrying any knives, whether visible or hidden, in your vehicle is illegal.
  • You are legally allowed to openly carry any knife that is not prohibited.

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