​The Best Balisong Knives for Your Money

​The Best Balisong Knives for Your Money

Oct 30th 2018

The origin of the Balisong or butterfly knife is hotly contested. Many consider the birthplace of the Balisong to be the Philippines, while others suggest France as the country of origin. But, no matter which side of the argument you fall on, nobody can deny the coolness of a Balisong knife. To learn more about Balisong knives, check out our list of the best Balisong knives for your money.

The History of the Balisong Knife

While the Balisong has been experiencing a huge rise in popularity in the last few years, due to an increase in flipping as a hobby, the history of the Balisong can be traced back to 18th-century France and Spain, as well as 800AD Philippines, where the popularity of the butterfly knife has led to its integration into the rich cultural traditions of some areas of the country.

Enrique Pena Custom Balisong Pena-Song Knife: $985

Enrique Pena Custom Balisong Pena-Song Knife

This brilliant custom knifemaker has been making waves at the 2019 Las Vegas Custom Knife Show, thanks to his latest offering the Custom Pena-Song knife.

The custom Pena-Song knife is an intimidating piece of hardware that measures in at 9.9-inches overall, slightly larger than most Balisong knives, with a 4.5-inch blade that sports a hand-rubbed satin finish. The steel used is CPM154, and he has chosen to go with the versatile drop point shape, ideal for anyone planning on using their Balisong for more than flipping or collecting.

The blade is enclosed in a 5.75-inch titanium handle that offers plenty of weight for balanced flipping action. The handle features eye-catching bronze accent holes that have been bored to reduce the weight of the knife to 5.9 ounces in total, but they also look impressive when flipping and provide excellent traction and grip.

The knife features a caged bearing at the pivot point, which reduces resistance and gives the knife a smooth action. The rounded latch firmly keeps the handle in place, with tieback spacers on either side to allow you to disengage the latch more easily.

Jim Burke Balisong Latchless: $1,550

Jim Burke Balisong Latchless

Jim Burke has used his experience in Law Enforcement to influence the design of his custom Balisong to create a unique knife with an undeniable contemporary appeal to Balisong enthusiasts.

The 4.3-inch PSF-27 steel blade features a recurve blade with a false top edge and a satin finish. The 5.75-inch handle is constructed from milled, tumbled, anodized titanium that is available with a flamed anodized finish or with blue inserts. The total weight of the knife is 4.3 ounces, which offers just the right amount of heft for easy flipping, while the pivots, which run on bearings, offer smooth action perfect for experienced flippers.

One unique element that makes the Jim Burke Balisong stand out from the rest is the intriguing latchless design, which allows for quick and easy development and faster flipping action.

Prince Customs SYN Balisong: $750

Prince Customs SYN Balisong

Prince Customs latest release is the SYN Balisong, which also features an integrated bottle opener. This uniquely designed knife is a true testament to the skill and artistry of this newcomer to the custom knife game, by combining functional elements with aesthetic design features, all wrapped up in a perfectly balanced package.

This monster of a knife is a whopping 10.2-inches in length with a 5-inch blade of CTS204P compound ground steel. The integrated bottle opener amplifies the drop point shape at the drop point, which gives the blade a genuinely menacing look.

The 5-inch handle is constructed from titanium anodized purple for a surreal style that looks seriously impressive when flipping. The latch offers a 3-position detent that keeps the blade locked in straight, closed and open positions for better versatility.

Extreme Addiction SR Custom B2 Balisong: $2,550

Extreme Addiction SR Custom B2 Balisong

The one-off custom-made Balisong by the genius creator Sergey Rogovets is a butterfly knife like no other.

The 4.8-inch CTS-XHP Damascus Tanto blade has a wickedly sharp edge and raised tip, while the 5-inch Fat Carbon handles, which feature Chad Nichols MoKuTi inlays and matching latch, roll smoothly over ball bearings for unparalleled flipping action. Bronze hardware details add an extra-luxe look to the overall appearance of the knife, and every element is hand finished on manual machines for the Sergey Rogovets touch.

Buy Your Balisong with Confidence

Balisong knives are a worthy addition to any enthusiasts’ knife collection, but, before buying your custom Balisong knife, you should be aware that some states and countries have restrictions and laws against using a Balisong knife for everyday carry. If you are interested in learning more about Balisong knives or are looking for a butterfly knife for sale, call us at (423)-525-9477 to speak to a member of our team.