The History & Legacy of Bastinelli Knives

The History & Legacy of Bastinelli Knives

Jan 11th 2022

So, you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy knife that will have your back no matter what? You've tried multiple brands, yet none seem to fulfill your expectations. You can continue wasting money on blades that aren't good enough for you. You can read this blog to learn about amazing blades known for their superior craftsmanship and materials: Bastinelli Knives.

It sucks to feel frustrated about not ever finding the right knife for your needs. Therefore, in this blog, we'll explore what makes Bastinelli knives unique and why they should be part of your everyday carry arsenal. Let's make your decision-making a little easier and read on.

"More than a tool, the knife is a fellow traveler." -

Bastien Coves

Bastinelli Knives is a family-owned business based in St.-Etienne, France. They have quickly become a world-renowned brand due to their focus on creating high-quality knives designed for outdoor and tactical use, including hunting, camping, survival, and more.

Each blade is handmade using only the finest materials, such as D2 steel, titanium, and G10 handles. These materials provide incredible durability and strength while also maintaining a lightweight design. The sleek finish of the blade offers superior cutting performance, allowing you to easily get through tough tasks.

Bastinelli: Aesthetically Pleasing & Versatile

Not only are Bastinelli knives high-performing tools for your daily activities, but they also make beautiful collector's pieces. Their aesthetically pleasing designs make them stand out among other knives on the market, and their versatility allows you to use them for various tasks, such as:

  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Survival
  • Tactical Outdoor Activities

3 Best Selling Bastinelli Knives Available

Regardless of your particular needs, Bastinelli Knives offers blades for whatever situation you find yourself in. Some of the best-selling Bastinelli Knives include:

Bastinelli Knives "Telum" Fixed Blade Knife Green Micarta 2.75 "M390

The latest edition from Bastinelli Knives and Fox Knives is called the Telum - a remarkable design inspired by Bastien Coves' Arrowtac dagger. It includes an ultra-convenient Kydex sheath, designed by renowned Tracker Dan, and his Gen 2 TD Clip for discreet everyday carry. Undoubtedly, this model is the ideal EDC piece for any situation!

Bastinelli Knives "Chopper" Black G10 Fixed Blade 3.5"

The Bastinelli Chopper is incredibly specialized and well-suited for close-quarters combat. It truly excels when used in a reverse grip, providing incomparable maneuverability with its trailing point blade that offers the bonus of being able to be utilized for daily cutting tasks.

Bastinelli Knives Big Dragotac Black G10 Folding Knife 4.5"

The Big Drago Tac offers nothing but top-notch quality. It is a massive folder with an impressive blade and handle design, crafted as a framework variant of the classic friction folder. This sophisticated piece features a stonewashed D2 steel blade equipped with an easy-to-use thumb disc for opening. Its G-10 handle pieces are held together by strong titanium frame locks and a RotoBlock system for locking the opened position in place.

Which Is The Best Place To Find Bastinelli Knives?

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