Microtech JagdKommando Knives In Stock

Microtech JagdKommando Knives In Stock

Posted by Clayton on Nov 27th 2014

Current Microtech Jagdkommando Knives In Stock

When it comes to creativity, few have an eye for the extreme like Anthony Marfione. Tony has a knack for creating very sinister looking blades and the Jagdkommando encompasses all the things we like from Tony and Microtech Knives as a company. The Microtech Jagdkommando debuted back in 2011 and is not back with a vengeance. At almost 13" in total length, the Jagdkommando has a 7.4 inch blade and is crafted from a solid piece of billet aluminum, which is pretty incredible.


Jagdkommando (pronounced yah-come-ondo, a soft J) is named after the AASF, the Austrian Armed Special Forces. It is a fixed blade Tri-Dagger design that has twisting edges on all three sides that come to a hellacious point. Yes all 3 edges are razor sharp!  This seamless design is brought together by drilled holes and grooved faces.

Handle & Sheath

The hollow handle features a machined grenade "waffle" pattern that could be used to store survival essentials, a la Rambo. The Jagdkommando comes with a custom hardcoated tubular sheath made from 6061 T6 aluminum and matching grenade pattern. It screws onto the Jagdkommando knife for a tight fit and is rubber sealed for an air tight connection.


The Jagdkommando comes in a variety of colors for 2015 that include Black, OD green, Tan, Tan Camo, Green Camo, Urban Camo and a Titanium model.


Blade Steel                        Bohler Stainless / 6AL-4V TI Weight                               24.00 oz Blade Length                    7.42″ Overall Length                 12.80″ Handle Material              Bohler Stainless / 6AL-4V TI

Mini Jagdkommando

So the masses asked and Microtech delivered. The Mini Jagdkommando is a "neck knife" that is exactly like its big brother at about half the size. The Mini Jagdkommando comes in at just over 7 inches overall and is a perfect accessory if you are looking for some protection on date night. Hang it around your neck with the paracord included for the ultimate predator slayer. It comes in all the same colors as its full size brother.


Blade Steel                        Bohler Stainless / 6AL-4V TI Weight                               13 oz Blade Length                    3.8″ Overall Length                 7.4″ Handle Material              Bohler Stainless / 6AL-4V TI