The Rambo Survival Knives I Grew Up Loving - On Sale Now

The Rambo Survival Knives I Grew Up Loving - On Sale Now

Posted by Clayton on Nov 6th 2012

If you are like me then you have been a huge fan of the Rambo movies since the first one  to hit the big screen in the early 80's. I remember watching First Blood thinking that sruvival knife was as bad as it gets. One staple of all the Rambo motion pictures is the knife used. Each movie featured a different knife starting with the original 14 inch fixed blade knife to the current Machete style knife used in Rambo IV. You always knew that the latest addition to the Rambo Survival Knives were going to be badass and a little better than the previous model.

First Blood Part 1 : Rambo Survival Knives Introduced

John Rambo was introduced the First Blood in 1982 and with him at all times was a 14 inch monster survival knife created by Jimmy Lile, an Arkansas knifesmith and Blade Magazine hall of famer. Lile wanted to create a knife that contained everything a person would need to survive the outdoors. This true survival knife featured a 9 inch stainless steel fixed blade with 14 sawteeth on its spine that could cut through a tree if needed.

The knife also featured a crossbar containing phillips and standard screwdriver points for emergency situations. Inside the 5 inch handle was a first aid kit that John Rambo (Stallone) could use in case of emergency and the pommel featured a compass at the top for navigation purposes.

This knife would be a mega hit and replicas were selling like hotcakes after the movie launched.

First Blood Part II - Rambo II

Rambo 2 saw them same style knife that was used in the first Rambo movie except it grew a little. As if the already large knife wasn't big enough they decided to add some more size to the blade length. The knife grew from 14 inches to 15 inches overall with a one inch increase in blade size. So essentially the blade went from 9 inches to 10 inches in length.  This movie was my personal favorite of all of them.

Rambo III

Rambo 3 saw the once very large survival knife grow exponentially into more of a Bowie knife style to further enhance John Rambo's persona. This very intimidating knife was built by the one and only Gil Hibben, a famous master custom Knifemaker out of Kentucky.

Just the blade alone on this knife measures 12 inches, almost as long as the original knives total length. The raw power and massive stature this knife portrays was something Hibben and Stallone wanted for this movie. The handle would move away from the standard nylon cord wrap in lieu of a laminated wood.

Rambo (Rambo IV)

Perhaps the most drastic change came in the fourth installment of the Rambo franchise, titled "Rambo." Once again with Gil Hibben on the payroll the knife would take much more intimidating yet drastic turn into what would be considered more of a machete than a knife.

While this to me seemed a bit on the crazy side I guess as far as movie production was concerned they felt Rambo needed to shock things a bit. I personally didnt care for it but it is rather cool to look at in person. The Rambo 4 knife features a carbon steel blade that measures 12 inches and is a whopping 1/4 inch thick.

Everyone loves the Rambo character and the Rambo movies that feature Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo. The movies have grossed millions over the last 30 years. One part of the movie that fans love to see is what knife John Rambo will have this time.

For me it was the very first knife I ever received and for sentimental reasons the Rambo survival knives will always have a sacred place in my heart!