Top 3 Folding Knife Storage Options

Top 3 Folding Knife Storage Options

Posted by Clayton on Dec 27th 2012

If your a knife collector like me then you know the importance of knife storage for your folders. My folding knives are considered precious metals to me and for most collectors they hold a certain sentimental value so it only makes since to store them properly and preserve their beauty and longevity for generations to come.

Keeping them sharp, oiled, dry and out of the sun is key to ensuring they stay rust free and last forever but how you store them can also be crucial. Throwing your knives in a drawer and letting them get beat up by digging through them is not cool and a time suck.

Here are 3 excellent options for storing your extensive folding knife collection:

Knife Bag

The knife bag is a great option for folders especially if you like carrying your knives from time to time. Brands like Zero Tolerance, Benchmade, and Case all have great storage bags for knives that come in an array of sizes. Bags can be made from top grain leather, vinyl, canvas and heavy duty polyester with insides that include felt, thick foam padding and soft cloth material for scratch free storage. Most come with adjustable shoulder straps for easy carry and zippered or velcro closures for safe keeping.

My Pick: The Spyderco SpyderPac large bag is a hard to beat proven seller. Made of black heavy duty polyester denier with large clear individual viewing pockets. This is a great solution for outdoorsmen like myself who like to not only transport their folders but store and display them as well. Choose between the small and large version.

  • Small measures 16"x18" holds 18 folders with a MSRP $39.95
  • Large measures 25"x8" holds 32 folding knives MSRP of $49.95

Knife Roll

The knife roll is a convenient way of storing knives in a rolled up bundle to save space and still effectively keep your collection out of harms way. Most rolls consist of a soft interior lining made from felt, cloth or a soft fabric that ensures a harm free environment. Exteriors can be made from PVC, leather, vinyl, canvas or heavy duty polyester.

My pick: The 50 piece knife roll from United Cutlery is a top seller among knife storage. With a red velvet felt interior and a PVC exterior you know you can securely carry your knives anywhere with ease. This allows me to carry my tactical folding knife collection worry free. Holds 50 or more knives secured with individual elastic straps. MSRP $23

Knife Case

For those who simply like to leave their collection at home and never move them perhaps a nice display case for your knives is in order. There are a ton of options when it comes to picking a case but first you need to determine how large a case you will need. Do you need a locking style case to keep out of children's hands? Perhaps a gun vault would be appropriate to also house your expensive knife collection.

If you are looking for a small display case you can opt for a nice walnut wood case with a glass top for not only storage and visibility but also a touch of class and decor for presentation purposes.

My Pick: I prefer the Queen Cutlery Schatt & Morgan knife case, a beautifully hand crafted walnut enclosed case with engraved glass and foam interior for safely storing your collection. It's all about presentation and with this knife case display your sure to garner some looks. Perfect for your nicer yet pricier collection. MSRP $999