​Top 5 Benefits of Automatic Knives

​Top 5 Benefits of Automatic Knives

Dec 20th 2018

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Automatic knives have several advantages over other knives when it comes to survival, self-defense, and everyday utility. As a spring-loaded knife held shut by a catch, they are unique among other knives and provide the user with a useful, multipurpose gadget.

Whether you’re looking for a knife that can open taped boxes with safety and efficiency or need a practical knife for your next camping adventure, here are five reasons why an automatic knife will serve you well.

1. Automatic knives are durable and make a smart investment.

Automatic knives are durable and made to withstand tough everyday use. They’re usually made from materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, and they can take a beating. Because the blade retracts into the knife handle, it is protected from everyday wear and tear. This helps your blade last longer, stay sharper, and perform better than many other knives.

Furthermore, you can choose an automatic knife that best suits your personal needs. A serrated knife is best for cutting rope, plastic, and other tough materials, while a straight-edged knife is better for self-defense and isn’t as challenging to sharpen.

Because of the durability and practicality of automatic knives, they also make a wise and practical investment. They’re likely to last longer than many other knives and, therefore, make a cost-effective and worthy purchase.

2. You don’t have to touch the blade.

Whether you’re releasing or retracting the knife blade, using an automatic knife means you don’t touch the blade. This makes using an automatic knife safer than many other folding counterparts.

Automatic knives don’t slip or have the propensity to break at the hinge like folding knives sometimes do when you’re cutting or slicing. This makes automatic knives a safer and more effective option, especially if your automatic knife is an everyday tool at work or around the home.

3. They make an excellent self-defense weapon.

Automatic knives are easy to handle and great for self-defense. They fit into the hand much easier than many folding or assisted opening counterparts and are far easier to carry than fixed blade knives. Many fit into the average pocket or purse, and you don’t have to adjust your grip much after opening the blade, which gives automatic knives a speed that many other knives don’t possess.

Heretic Automatic Knife

This provides tactical advantages in a self-defense scenario: You can carry your weapon efficiently, you can pull it out quickly, and you don’t have to fumble with it when you need it most.

4. They’re legal in many areas.

Automatic knives are a wise investment because they are legal in many areas, but check your state’s and your municipality’s laws before purchasing one. Knife carrying laws, in general, are complex, as sometimes municipalities, counties, and states all have their own regulations.

Some states, such as Alaska, have laws that protect the knife owner and which prohibit further regulation at lower governmental levels. Other states, like New York, have stricter laws that often ensnare knife owners.

Some states have limits on the blade length of an automatic knife, and others require a license. Automatic knives are prohibited in Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Minnesota, and New Mexico.

To find out more, check out the American Knife and Tool Institute for valuable information about knife carry.

5. They’re great outdoor knives.

For adventurers and outdoorsmen, automatic knives make an ideal EDC tool. They are compact and easy-to-clean, which makes them great for many outdoor pursuits. While they are not the best choice for a hunting knife, they make excellent knives for hiking, as they’re practical for both self-defense and basic tasks, such as cutting rope and slicing food. They’re also excellent for fishing because they can cut fishing line and help remove hooks.

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Their durability and safety is also a huge plus. Because the knife blade is stored inside the knife handle, you’re unlikely to be cut by accident or to damage the blade due to poor storage or unnecessary wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about purchasing an automatic knife, assess your specific needs and determine what variety of automatic knife works best for you. An automatic knife should feel like an extension of your hand, and it is always a great addition to every knife enthusiast’s collection. Key advantages include practicality, durability, and utility in everyday scenarios, outdoor adventures, and self-defense.

Familiarize yourself with knife laws before you buy, to make sure your knife is legal in your home state, hometown, and anywhere you might frequently travel to with your knife. If you have any questions about automatic knives, contact eKnives at (423)-525-9477 to speak with one of our knife enthusiasts.