TSA to Allow Small Pocket Knives on Planes 4/25/13

TSA to Allow Small Pocket Knives on Planes 4/25/13

Posted by Clayton on Dec 20th 2012

tsa knives allowed on planes

On March 5th the American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) announced huge breaking news for all knife owners, knives on planes! Really?!!

For the first time in 12 years the TSA is allowing the carry of small knives on planes both domestic and internationally along with sports sticks like bats, hockey sticks and golf clubs starting April 25, 2013. TSA chief John Pistole said it is a move to lessen restrictions on what people can carry aboard aircraft since the 2001 attack on US soil.

The move comes with mixed opinions and is a positive step for knife carrying peeps like myself but there are still heavy restrictions on what knives can be carried on board even if it is a small blade. Only non-locking knives with a blade length of 2.36 inches or smaller and blade width of 1/2 inch wide or less can be allowed on your carry on luggage.

For those wondering why the move is being made in the first place here is what TSA spokesman David Castelveter had to say to USA Today -

"The focus is on what could present catastrophic damage to the aircraft,"

According to USA Today flight attendants are speaking out about the danger is still poses to them saying-

"Flight attendants decry allowing knives back aboard flights as dangerous for them and for passengers"

Im sure there will be much debate over this issue in the coming weeks but you have to imagine those who carry knives are very happy about the decision, I know I am. BTW box cutters and razor blades are still not permitted and according to Castelveter -

"There's still an emotional attachment to that matter, says Castelveter"

These knives are also still not allowed on planes at this time:

knives prohibited on planes