The Ultimate Guide to Knives Blade Types

The Ultimate Guide to Knives Blade Types

Aug 5th 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Knives Blade Types

If you are a knife enthusiast, then your mission is to gather as much knowledge about knife blades as possible. With so much information available, however, finding where to begin can be difficult and frustrating. In this blog post, we aim to provide the details and characteristics of various blade designs - giving you exactly what you deserve!

Drop Point Blade

With its concave curve that gradually tapers towards the tip, this knife offers ample power and stability for more robust tasks. Its full belly exposes an increased surface area which grants you better control when slicing while enhancing overall construction strength.

Clip Blade

The clip-point blade is an excellent choice for piercing and slicing thick or tough materials due to its thin, sharp, clipped tip. The front end of the blade has been concavely clipped to make it thinner and sharper - making it perfect for tasks that require absolute precision.

Spear Point Blade

The spear point blade is particularly strong and durable, making it perfect for piercing and stabbing. Its double-edged tip is pointed and symmetrical, which makes it better suited for puncturing thick materials like cardboard boxes or plastic packaging.

Pen Knife

This type of knife is usually found on pocket knives as a handy, all-purpose blade. It was originally developed to trim quill pens, and that name has stuck through the years.

Tanto Blade

The Tanto blade is a traditional Japanese design with a heavier, stronger, angled grind from the edge to the tip. It is well regarded for its sharpness and strength, making it perfect for piercing, scraping, and prying with tough materials.

Coping Blade

If you're into woodworking and carpentry, the coping blade is an indispensable tool. It features a narrow, angular tip – like a mini sheepsfoot blade - so that it can be used for precision cutting and intricate detailing.

Sheepsfoot Blade

The sheepsfoot blade looks just like its namesake - a sheep's hoof - with a straight edge curving to meet the point at an obtuse angle. This makes it suitable for cutting and slicing, and precision work due to its robust tip.

Wharncliffe Blade

The Wharncliffe blade is a special type of knife design that flips the usual setup upside down. Its sharp point is located where the blunt end would usually be. This unique form offers greater precision and accuracy when cutting delicate items or slicing materials.

There Are So Many Blades to Choose From

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