Vintage Knives: More Than Just Collectibles

Vintage Knives: More Than Just Collectibles

Dec 23rd 2021

Are you a knife enthusiast looking to add unique and historic pieces to your collection? Whether it's the sharpness of an antique switchblade, the nostalgia of a classic pocketknife, or the rugged elegance of an Australian hunting bushcraft, if collecting vintage blades is one of your greatest passion, then this blog is perfect for you.

You might be starting your collection or trying to complete one and feel overwhelmed about making a decision. In this blog, we'll go over why a vintage knife must be your next purchase. Let's get started.

Why Vintage Knives Are Worth the Investment

As a knife enthusiast, you must own precious timely pieces to increase your collection's value. There's nothing better for this than owning vintage knives.

You Get Bragging Rights

A collection of vintage knives can give you a sense of pride and ownership. These pieces are often rare, limited editions, and crafted with great materials that make them last centuries. Unlike other types of knives, these will often come with stories from their pasts which adds to the value and charm of these items.

You Add Value To Your Collection

Vintage knives are also a great investment for collectors looking for potential profits in the future. Whether you choose to resell or keep them as part of your collection, their value tends to appreciate over time, and you can even pass them on from generation to generation.

Most Popular Vintage Knives

Some of the most popular vintage knives that are sure to make a great addition to any collector's trove include:

  • The Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter, produced in 1964, and still one of the most recognizable pocketknife designs.
  • The French Navy Dagger, created by Jean-Pierre Charonnet in 1870, is one of the most sought-after vintage knives.
  • The original Schrade Old Timer features a rosewood handle made from high-quality steel.
  • The W R Case & Sons, with its famous "Tested" shield logo, is another collector's favorite.

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