What is a Switchblade Knife?

What is a Switchblade Knife?

Apr 2nd 2020

In the modern world, many people use knives for a diversity of purposes. The most common use is camping, but tons more uses appear over time. Camping, self-defense, even food preparation! Here we will be talking about switchblades and why they're so cool.

Unsurprisingly, when most people think 'switchblade,' they think of a knife with a blade within a handle. When pressing a button, or some switch, a mechanism pops the blade out with a satisfying thunk noise.

As for switchblades, they are usually used similarly to other knives in terms of self-defense, food preparation, and other daily life activities. On top of that, switchblades are for more specific purposes like opening boxes or cutting zip ties off wrists.

Slice and Dice, What Switchblades are Used For

The switchblade has been a standard tool to people worldwide since its creation. It is convenient, easy to carry around, and helpful for any task involving cutting. If you have ever owned one, you know just how strong they can perform, sometimes no match for their larger counterparts.

Switchblades can be for hunting, skinning, butchering game, preparing food, and for many other purposes. Different knives are for any purpose depending on the blade's design, handle, and weight. Many kinds of knives are available, but the switchblade is the most popular.

Styling and Design

Switchblades have a variety of styles and sizes, but all share one common feature - the ability to fold open and closed with a flick of the wrist. The blade is hidden in the handle when the knife is closed, making it easy to carry. Most switchblade knives have a locking mechanism that keeps the blade open or closed until the user releases it.

Legality of Switchblades

Switchblade knives are legal to own in most countries, but they are illegal to carry in some states and countries. In the United States, switchblades are illegal to carry in 11 states. It is essential to check your state Laws and Regulations concerning a Microtech Switchblade Knife.

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