What Is Microtech?

What Is Microtech?

Mar 5th 2020

When looking for knives, you should always pursue the best quality you can obtain. High-quality knives last long, have better performance, and prevent accidents. A great way to ensure you're getting a reliable knife is by buying from Microtech. This high-quality knife brand takes pride in joining art and functionality with its products.

Its Beginnings

Microtech has been in the business of knife-making for a long time. It's highly respected in the knife industry for the high standards with which they make knives. Founded in 1994 by Tony Marfione, Microtech makes switchblades, knives that you can open with one hand. They also offer custom knives as well as many other types.

They Make Top-Notch Quality Knives

Microtech knives and switchblades are made with the best materials. They are durable, strong, and retain an edge. This is because Microtech knives use high-quality steel, making the blades stronger than most stainless steel blades on the market today. Additionally, Microtech uses titanium alloys to ensure its knives stay strong and functional even after years of use.

The company is also known for its high-end, custom knives. Many of these knives are handmade, with excellent craftsmanship. Microtech knives offer unparalleled quality and performance.

Art Meets Functionality

Mixing art and functionality is what Microtech does best. A Microtech knife will be as beautiful as it is useful. People use Microtech knives in various ways, especially since they adapt in many ways, like the Microtech Ultratech and the Microtech UTX 85, an excellent, more compact version of the Ultratech.

Some people collect these as art pieces; some use them daily for multiple tasks. People also use Microtech knives as weapons for self-defense purposes. Microtech can come in handy in a great variety of situations. You won't be caught off-guard with their knives.

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