Product Review: Zero Tolerance 0200 Military Folding Knife ZT0200

Product Review: Zero Tolerance 0200 Military Folding Knife ZT0200

Posted by Clayton on Mar 14th 2013

The Zero Tolerance 0200 is a fairly large  (8.75" overall) combat ready military folding knife with attitude. It has been out for several years but we wanted to showcase it as it is still a very popular knife. The ZT 0200 has the same design as the Zero Tolerance 100, another Ken Onion designed folder but in a smaller version.

zero tolerance 0200 tactical military folder ZT0200

This Military inspired folder is more than just an every day carry, it can handle any survival or tactical obstacles you throw at it. The ZT 0200 comes with a slightly less than 4 inch 154CM stainless steel blade in a standard or  partially serrated (ZT 0200 st) edge version for those looking to do some major sawing in the field.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of this knife is the 3/8" hex head pivot shaft adjustment located just behind the blade to allow for "in the field" adjustments for a tighter or looser blade deployment.

The 154CM blade steel is covered with a tungsten DLC coating to give the blade extra durability and it does indeed. The ZT 200 comes in a standard and partially serrated (st) edge so you can saw through trees and not hurt the blade too much.

The ambidextrous dual thumb studs or flipper (index finger protrusion) allow for the knife to be easily deployed with one hand. Frankly I loved the deployment on this folder, it rolls out really smooth and lockup was excellent. There was no blade play at all on the ZT200.

The blade is thick and wide on the ZT 200 as with many ZT knives. I personally like the beefy blade as it just gives you a sense of command and security when you hold it in the hand.

Paired with the blade are matte black 3D machined G-10 handles that offer friction and gripping for chores that any hard use enthusiast would love. The handle grips really well and ergonomically it is very comfortable.

The titanium liner lock is heavy duty and locks up tight. With a weight of almost 8 ounces it is another solid ZT knife that is heavy but not unexpected from Zero Tolerance.

Lets face it, nothing you get from ZT is going to be super light.

The pocket clip is quad mounted so you can carry it any way you choose, tip-up/down and right or left carry, you choose.


  • 5.25" closed
  • 4" 154CM stainless
  • .73" blade thickness
  • hollow blade grind
  • Black DLC coated blade finish
  • Standard & Combo blade configurations
  • 8 ounces
  • Black G-10 handles
  • MSRP $200
  • On Sale now $160 @eKNIVES

All in all this is a rock solid edc knife for those looking to get out in the field and mix it up. The Zero Tolerance ZT 0200 folder won't let you down and in our opinion a must have in your everyday carry collection.