D Rocket Designs Serpentine Paisley Slipjoint Knife 2.25" Bottle Opener

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12/31/25 01:00AM
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  • Overall: 6.625"
  • Blade: 2.25" M390
  • M390 Satin Bottle Opener
  • Handle: 3.375" Titanium (Paisley)
  • Weight: 1.2oz
  • Knife Type: Folding; on Washers
  • Lock Type: Slipjoint
  • Model: Serpentine Slipjoint 

Darriel Caston loves the traditional folding knives and the Serpentine pattern is one of his favorites. Darriel took a classic and put his modern twist on it, resulting in a 3.375" closed Slipjoint with a 2.25" Wharncliffe blade for cutting and a 1.0" M390 bottle opener on the other end that can be exchanged for another 1" cutting edge blade, which is included. Talk about the perfect EDC and Multitool in one.