Fellhoelter Craftibolt Zirconium 4.75" Spiral Flute Bolt Action Tool

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  • Length: 4.75"
  • Zirconium (Spiral Flute)
  • Blade Included
  • Bolt Action
From Brian Fellhoelter: OK, here is my new Craft Knife.
It's designed around my TiBolt Mechanism, and even uses many of the same parts.
The body is the same blank we make for our G2 pens, the Cap, Clip, Screws and Ball are all the same, and interchangeable with the pens.
The Body, Tip, and the Bolt, are not...
These use Excel Blades #65 (Part Number 20065) and are easily bought through Amazon, or from us.
These are the same length as a G2 TiBolt, and will be available with many of the same engravings and material choices.
I've been using mine like crazy here, and love it!