Marfione Custom Troodon Copper Ringed Accents S/E 3" Mirror Polish Blade

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  • Overall Length: 7.5"
  • Blade: 3" CTS-204P, S/E, Drop Point (Mirror Polish)
  • Handle: 4.2" Black Hefted Alloy
  • Copper Ringed Accents
  • Type: OTF Double Action, Automatic, Thumb Sllder
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • DOB: 12/19-Serial No. 18
This regular size Troodon from Microtech Custom Knives features a gorgeous drop point blade in CTS-204P steel with a high polish mirror finish. The handle is black hefted alloy and has copper ringed hardware, glass breaker and thumb slider for double action otf automatic operation. Comes with all standard Marfione Custom Packaging that includes, carbon fiber box, metal coa, cleaning cloth and padded zippered pouch with titanium velcro dagger and zipper pulls.