Microtech Socom Knives

Microtech Socom Knives Microtech Socom Knives

Microtech Socom – Best in Class Folding Knives. Are you looking for a quality folding knife? Hoping to find one with an excellent glass breaker for necessary safety? Check out our collection of available Microtech Socom knives for a pocket knife with everything you need. The unique handle shape allows for a comfortable grip and to hold the knife securely when in use. Microtech knives in general are great for everyday use, but the Microtech Socom Elite is renowned for setting the gold standard for tactical utility. Available in Manual and Automatic Action. Whatever your preference, the regular or Microtech Socom Elite auto are easy and quick to open. In the case of an emergency, you can swiftly and safely access your blade, which comes out to a full four inches. But if you would prefer a more automatic, instantaneous choice, Marfione Custom Knives are available as an OTF option. Both sets of knives are made of quality materials which stand the test of time, so you don’t have to worry about rust, dullness early on or depreciation.