Microtech Ultratech OTF Automatic Knife Red 3" Bayonet Black 120-1RD

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12/31/25 01:00AM
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  • Overall Length: 8.4"
  • Blade: 3.4" Bayonet Dagger, Black
  • Handle: 5.0" Red Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.6 oz
  • Pocket Clip: Right/Left Hand, Tip Down
  • Knife Type: Double-Action OTF Automatic
  • Opener: Thumb Slider
  • Made in the USA 
  • Model: 120-1RD

Love the look of a double-edge blade but love the usability of a single-edge or tanto?

Well now you can "have your cake and cut it too", with the Bayonet blade from Microtech Knives.
The best part about a Bayonet blade is it's sharpness on both sides, however your top edge is sharp 3/4 of the blade with a spot for your thumb to rest the other 1/4 of the way.
This OTF Automatic Ultratech features 6061-T6 Aluminum Handle with Black hardware. It's topped off with a Black Bayonet blade, perfect for any use.

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    Dealer Review

    Posted by Bruce on Mar 15th 2021

    I recently began adding Microtech to my collection. Most important to me was where I'd make my purchases. Of all the time I've spent collecting, I've never really had a source that I could depend on for straight answers let alone courtesy. At Microtech prices, it was time to find a good dealer. I am a bit particular in that I want the product to be delivered to me in the same condition that the maker made it. I've been surprised more than once that either by accident or design, I get a knife that shows handling marks. Getting the sellers attention can be difficult. I don't enjoy being assertive, now I won't have to. I began my search for a dealer by buying one at a time from 10 different dealers. Of those I returned three for condition and the best attitude I got from 9 out of 10 of those purchases was casual indifference. The tenth stop finally yielded results and I found what I had been looking for. Eknife was and has continued to be not only efficient, but they're downright nice people I believe you'd be proud to have as neighbors. This is a Mom & Pop business that'll know your name and bust their tails to make you happy. I've currently bought 10 Microtechs from them and am delighted to say that not one of these knives had an issue. In addition, each and every one of these were IN THE MAIL by the evening of the purchase. Ever had a purchase that when you checked tracking the next day you find out it's still on the desk of the seller? Not here you won't! My apologies for the long winded review, but I really felt an obligation to return the favor to both Clayton and CoCo for their efforts to make this old man happy. They will make you happy too!

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    Microtech Ultratech review?

    Posted by ibhermit on Feb 19th 2021

    I feel a bit out of place "reviewing" a product that is so well regarded, what could I contribute, right? What I can share is the path that brought me to eknife. Over the years I've grown a bit cranky when it comes to customer service. Since I had an interest in Microtech I figured I'd shop for the source before I invested too much in the product. I began purchasing those items I had an interest in from various dealers at a time. While I'm delighted with the my 6 new Microtech's in my possession, I was surprised I had to deal with that many dealers. I only had 2 criteria, courtesy and to please ship in a box. Out of these the best I got was casual indifference. Two were sent in boxes. What I found at my last stop was a breath of fresh air. A young fella with a small family, and a small business. Apparently, this man understands what it's like to be a customer. From the git-go my knife purchase was in the mail. Not just sitting in an office somewhere waiting to be mailed.... but mailed! In the USPS system. Every knife was mailed in a box. The best part for anyone reading this is that this very scenario had been played out 6 times since that first purchase, without deviating one bit. Pretty impressive from my corner of the playpen!