Toor Knives "F13 Tommy" Tomahawk Ranger Green G10 5.5" D2 Black Axe/Spike

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12/31/25 01:00AM
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Overall Length 9.0"
Head Length 5.5"
Handle Length 7.0"
Handle Material G10
Steel D2
Thickness 0.25"
Hardness 57-59 Rockwell
Weight 1.1 lbs

The latest edition to Toor's growing axe family is the F13 Tommy, which is named after the ‘Filthy Thirteen’, of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division.

The F13 Tommy resembles traditional Native American Tomahawks, but Toor updated it with a tactical twist. Designed with a 90-degree point at the head of the axe, the F13 is the ideal breaching tool. The spike on the rear end of the axe head is extended to full tomahawk length giving the fingers plenty of room when striking with it. The 7” of handle length allows enough room for a two-handed grip, for increased swinging power, and the extremely durable G10 handle has a geometric texture carved into it for extra grip.

Additionally, the F13 is coated with a corrosion-resistant KG Gunkote finish and fitted with a precision molded KYDEX® sheath and retention cord. With an overall length of 9” and weight of 1.1 lbs., it is much smaller and lighter than the company's full-size Tomahawk. This makes it easier to stow on gear or, in the case of the Filthy 13, easier to mount to your jump rig.

Every F13 Tommy includes a black KYDEX® sheath. This edged weapon is made in the USA, individually serialized, and ready to stand up to any situation you can throw at it!