Custom Automatic Knives We Carry and Recommend

Custom Automatic Knives We Carry and Recommend

Posted by Clayton on Sep 26th 2017

If you are in the market for a high-quality automatic knife, look no further. Whether you are looking to buy a knife to get the job done or a special blade for your growing knife collection, we have a quick release blade knife for everyone. But with such a wide selection of knives from some of the most innovated knife makers around the world, it can be hard to choose the right one. Here are five custom automatic knives we carry and recommend.

Marfione Custom Warhound Combat Troodon CF Copper Ringed Accents M390 Mirror Polish

Master knife maker, Anthony “Tony” Marfione, teamed up with his son, Sean, to create this sleek OTF bladed knife. With one of the top names in the knife-making business designing this knife, you know it is going to live up to your expectations. This knife is just as stunning as his previous creations and made to the same quality standards.

This masterpiece was released in 2018 as a new addition to its series. The Warhound features a liquid metal mirror polish on the blade and a carbon fiber top/black alloy handle. Along with the eye-catching mirror polish, it’s copper accents stand out against the dark-colored handle. If this one is a bit too much for your style, there are many other options in the Combat Troodon series.

Kirby Lambert Augustus Marbled Carbon Fiber, Timascus, Tanto Damasteel

The Augustus knife is a truly beautiful creation. This knife was created by Kirby Lambert who named after his son, so it must be a favorite. The fantastic hues and markings make it truly unique, especially when compared to other knives of the same quality. The Marbled Carbon Fiber scales are stunning, and the 3.5-inch Damasteel blade keeps the clean lines flowing through the entire length of the knife.

With its mesmerizing color scheme, unique finish and smooth action, this knife would be a pleasure to own or receive as a gift. If the coloring of this knife doesn’t quite do it for you, check out the other models in this series to see the different finishes and other options available in an already incredible knife.

Marfione Custom HALO VI Black OTF SE Compound Ground Bronze Stonewash M390

The Halo VI is another one of Tony Marfione’s outstanding and unique designs. This version of the popular series keeps an overall simple design that highlights smooth, sleek lines. Even with its simplicity, this knife will still get plenty of notice when you use it. This model features a blade length of 4.6 inches, and it has an interesting toned area of Bronze Stonewash coloring. The Halo VI is the newest version in the Halo series of knives by Marfione.

If you are interested in other Halo knives, there are numerous models and finishes to choose from within the series. Some of the other versions or models incorporate mirror polishes, and others have different coloring and other blade shapes.

Microtech Marfione Custom Sigil MK6 Ghosted DLC “Squid” M390

This Tony Marfione and Deryk C. Munroe collaboration produced a one-of-a-kind knife. The five-ounce, DLC Titanium Handled knife with a 3.9-inch blade is a beauty at any angle. What makes this knife stand out the most is the squid pattern that provides an excellent contrast with the rest of the color scheme. This knife will not only get the job done, but it is also great to look at.

With this collaboration, you still get all the Marfione custom packaging with this awesome knife. Items include the carbon fiber style box, metal COA, dust bag and zipper case.

Microtech Combat Troodon Carbon Fiber/Alloy Blue Ringed Accents Signature Series DE Damascus 142-16CFTI

This stunning knife is an eye-catcher, and it has an extra special quality. This newly released version of the Combat Troodon series is Double Edge (DE) Damascus, and it is a limited edition. There are only 50 of these gorgeous knives made, and each one gets its own serial number. The high amount of detail in the intricately-patterned blade will vary slightly on each, so you’re really getting a one-of-a-kind look. This cool color-themed knife with the dizzying pattern on the blade is also accented with blue-ringed anodized hardware.

If you don’t get a chance to buy this limited-edition knife, there are others in this series. Microtech’s Combat Troodon comes in various other colors and finishes, and it is built for hard use while the advantages of an automatic knife make it great for everyday carrying.