Emerson Hummingbird - TSA Approved Pocket Knife In The Works

Emerson Hummingbird - TSA Approved Pocket Knife In The Works

Posted by Clayton on Jan 8th 2013

Known for some of the most reliable and durable hard use knives in the pocket knife industry, Ernest Emerson, founder of Emerson Knives based out of California has decided to build a pocket knife exclusively to comply with the "TSA's pocket knife policy" allowing knives on planes under a certain length.

Emerson focuses on knives that are "hard use" and durable for everyday use so we can expect nothing less from this TSA approved knife called the "Hummingbird". The knife along with 5 other "TSA approved knives" is featured in the popular blog Gear Patrol is set to be a max length of 2.36" and 5" wide per TSA regulations. Since the handle is not allowed to have any sort of features, Emerson has made the handle of the Hummingbird thicker to allow for a nice firm grip.

The whispers are that Emerson will make the "Hummingbird" with a slip-joint style blade (although not confirmed yet) since TSA will not allow locking blades on planes. There are photos floating around of what the knife may look like but until the actual product is on display, we simply don't know for sure.

To gain more insight on the Emerson Hummingbird and to keep up with all things Emerson, visit Emerson Knives.