​How to Ensure the Authenticity of Your Microtech Knives

​How to Ensure the Authenticity of Your Microtech Knives

Jul 12th 2018

Microtech knife

If you’re a knife collector, you’re serious about your knives, especially your Microtech knives. Microtech knives are known as some of the finest knives on the market and are coveted worldwide. If you’re a knife collector, you know about the quality of a Microtech knife, and you wouldn’t want to buy a weaker substitute.

You may be in the process of buying a Microtech knife, or maybe you’re looking to give a Microtech knife to a knife collector. Either way, you do not want to risk the chance that it is a fake. Luckily, there are several surefire ways to discern whether your Microtech knife is a fake.


Microtech knives are undeniably one of the best quality knives available. The company began in 1994 and, for over 25 years, they have been adding models and perfecting their process.

Microtech knives are known for their strong spring and intense action. They also have a carry clip secured by a glass-carbide-tipped breaker, an aluminum handle, and tri-angle hardware.

Even fictional characters have made Microtech knives their knife of choice. John Wick, from the action movie series starring Keanu Reeves, carries a customized Microtech blade, and the company has even created a John Wick knife set to commemorate the character.

Specifically, the Microtech OTF (out-the-front) model named Ultratech has been a long-running bestseller for the company and is often out of stock due to high demand. Microtech knives are worth their price tag. They are made well, work well, and last. It’s worth it for you as the consumer to know the signs of authenticity to make sure you are buying a real Microtech knife.

When you buy a Microtech, you expect a Microtech, but that’s not always what you get.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake knives on the market, and that number is only rising. With the rise of unmonitored sellers on the internet, the opportunity for making a quick buck with a counterfeit product is easier than it has ever been before. These pretender blades consist of substandard materials with inferior processes, but they sell for the same price as real Microtech knives.

Worse than the affront to your wallet and dignity, buying a counterfeit blade is a safety risk. Substandard materials increase the chances of an accident. When you’re working with a knife, you want no margin for error in the safety department.


How do you detect a fake knife from a real Microtech knife? There are a few telltale signs.

  • Supersale

If you’ve found a Microtech knife with a spectacularly low price, chances are you’re looking at a fake. Authorized Microtech dealers are held to strict "No Sales" policy so any dealer selling under MSRP will be reprimanded. If you see your coveted Microtech blade with a $50 price tag, trust what your gut is saying, which is probably, “This is too good to be true.”

  • Buyer Beware

Trust only reputable, reviewed vendors for authentic Microtech knives. Go to www.MicrotechKnives.com and find an authorized dealer by State, A lot of fake blades are sold by disreputable vendors, who often have no online reviews and only a single point of contact—a phone number. Many fake blades inundate the U.S. by way of China, so it is wise to choose American vendors instead.

  • Poor Quality

If you can, scrutinize the knife. Most of the time, you can detect inferior quality. If the blade wobbles or doesn’t open smoothly, or the weight is off, you’re probably looking at a counterfeit Microtech knife.

  • Quality Guaranteed

Most of the counterfeiters working in the knife world will not offer you a warranty or a certificate of authenticity with your bill of sale. There is a good reason that vendors offer these documents—to ensure quality and authenticity. If your seller does not provide you with these documents, take that as a suspicious sign.

The Takeaway

knife stabbed into log

When you are adding to your knife collection, do not risk buying a counterfeit blade. Buying sub-par knives at full price is an outrage, to be sure, but it’s also a safety hazard. These knives are not of the same quality as Microtech knives, and that means they’re more liable to break or cause an accident. Make sure to safeguard yourself and those close to you by only buying authentic Microtech knives.

The only real way to ensure you are buying an authentic Microtech blade is to get the official product from a licensed dealer. For the full range of Microtech knives, check out EKnives for the genuine article.