Knives on Airplanes Gets Permanently Ground by TSA

Knives on Airplanes Gets Permanently Ground by TSA

Posted by Clayton on Jan 22nd 2013

After all the fuss and protest about small pocket knives on planes it seems the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has grounded its attempt to allow small knives on commercial aircraft as a carry on item. When the decision was announced to let pocket knives on planes back in march it was met with a lot of friction.

In early May several groups file a legal challenge against the TSA and Department of Homeland Security according to block the return of pocket knives on airplanes according to

Well the naysayers and powers that be are getting their wish thanks in part to anti-knife persons like Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, over a hundred house members and airline personnel who protested against the bill. Not only would pocket knives be allowed but also such items as hockey sticks, pool cues, bats and golf clubs which probably didn't help matters.

According to, the reason for the move initially to allow these items on planes was so the TSA could focus their energy and resources on more immediate danger and terrorist threats considering they felt cockpits of planes were now locked and profoundly secured with heavy gauge steel doors (they were not pre Sept 11).

TSA administrator John Pistole ultimately made the decision to maintain the current laws and not allow small knives onto airplanes.

Ultimately I guess this is the best decision but what is hard to understand is the fact that your allowed to carry scissors and knitting needles which are just as dangerous if you want them to be. I can see both sides of the argument and as an everyday knife carrying individual this is probably the best decision otherwise you are going to have people trying to take larger folding knives, automatics or spring assisted knives that would not be legal and it would just cause more issues, incidents and for lack of a better word, frustration at the airport. Thats just my 2 cents.