Microtech Knives for Fall Activities

Microtech Knives for Fall Activities

Posted by Clayton on Nov 26th 2015

While there is never a wrong time to invest in a brand new knife, the upcoming fall months offer some especially good reasons to ensure your collection is as up-to-date as possible. Why look for one now? From camping to carving a pumpkin, from hunting season to slicing the Thanksgiving Day turkey, the truth is, knives come in handy for more than just collecting by enthusiasts.

Some of the best memories with family are formed in the autumn, and you won’t want to be unprepared for what’s to come. The following includes some reasons for adding knives to your collection, as well as suggestions on which ones may be best for a given purpose.


Now that temperatures are beginning to cool off after a brutally hot summer, it may be best to ditch the air conditioned rooms for a campground. Seeing as you’ll be in the great outdoors, it is always important to have a knife, not only for the potential animal-intruder but to set up the perfect camping spot for your tent. While there are countless Microtech options to choose from, one of the best may be the Halo, thanks to its powerful automatic folding and four-inch blade.

The Halo was made to survive the outdoors and will come in handy for whatever the use. If you’re bringing children along for a family trip, consider packing the marshmallows and chocolates. The Halo will slice through tree branches for the ideal mallow-roasting stick.

Carving the Pumpkin

For the most part, all pumpkin carving sets look the same. They’re generally orange and flimsy and made of a cheap, dollar store-like plastic that either breaks or begs to be thrown away by early November. Plus, they don’t allow for precision. With Microtech’s extremely close tolerance, all blades are measured to the thousands of an inch for the perfect cut.

Want to impress your children or even the neighbors? Try the UTX-70 the next time you whittle the perfect design into your jack-o-lantern. The UTX-70 is small and compact (only 70% the size of the Ultratech) and is one of the most effective out-the-front automatic knives on the market. Jack-o-lanterns aren’t just for the kids, anymore. With the UTX-70, you’ll finally be able to one-up the neighbors across the street. Wouldn’t that be nice this year?

Fall Deer Hunting Season

Whether you hunt or not, deer season is just around the corner. Some school districts take off for opening day and on rural streets, countless pick-up trucks scream past you with rope and hunting gear in search of the best spot to find a buck.

One of the most important tools for hunting is a knife, no matter what instrument you use to shoot, whether a rifle, a crossbow, etc. The Combat Troodon will assist with several of your hunting tasks, both during the shoot and when you return the deer home. Named after the Troodon dinosaur, this especially large knife will feel slim and comfortable when in use. After all, if it can hunt dinosaurs, don’t you think it can take on a deer?

 Slicing the Thanksgiving Day Turkey

It has always been considered an honor to carve the Thanksgiving Day turkey. Typically, it means you’re the head of a household or the host, or maybe you’re passing on the tradition to a future generation.

Whatever the reason, it is best to come prepared. To get the best slices from this year’s bird, you should generally look for a long strong blade with some weight. Nobody wants crumbling bits of turkey on their plate. Want to impress your guests even more? Purchase one of Microtech’s knives made with Star Wars Themes.

Slice the turkey as if raging battle with Darth Vader. Not only will this make a great talking point, but the Star Wars themed knives have the power to relieve some of the awkward holiday moments as a family sits quietly around the dinner table. These also look great on display throughout the year, so don’t put them away when the bird is left with nothing but bones.

Final Thoughts

If you were searching for a reason to buy a new knife, hopefully you have one now. Whatever you’re looking forward to this autumn, make sure you come prepared. All Microtech knives have multiple uses, and it will ultimately be up to you which one works best for a particular task. Take a look at our inventory and remember that free shipping is always available on domestic orders. So, get out there and do something worth remembering this fall!