Microtech Marfione Scarab OTF Knives On Sale

Microtech Marfione Scarab OTF Knives On Sale

Posted by Clayton on Sep 10th 2015

Yes, you heard it right! The Limited Edition Microtech Navy Scarab Underwater OTF Automatic knife is in production as we speak and slated for a spring release. It has been 4  years since the latest run of Navy Seal Scarabs by Microtech Knives has decided to run it again. After talking with Microtech this week, every 3-5 years seems to be the norm but who is to say whether it will be back in a couple of years.

Note: the following pics will be from various sites (Credit will be given) until we can take our own pics when they get here.

So if you love Microtech OTF knives like I do then this has to be on you list of must haves. It is a bit pricey but for a Limited Edition Automatic Out The Front in my opinion, it is really a no brainer.

If you are unfamiliar with the Microtech Underwater Navy Scarab and it's bells and whistles then ill give you a quick rundown. Yes it will operated while submerged underwater (perfect for Navy Seals) and efficiently I might add.

The Navy Scarab OTF is a dual action out the front automatic that features a 5" anodized aluminum handle with grip tech (grip tape) inserts for excellent handling. The Microtech Scarab handle comes in black, tan and green.  The handle is vented to allow for water drainage when in underwater operation.

The Scarab knife comes with a dust cover to seal the ejection port allowing for dust free internals while at rest. This is to ensure deployment does not get hindered and the knife stays clean throughout it's life.

The Microtech Navy Scarab contains a thumb slide with Tritium insert so finding it in total darkness is never a problem.

The Navy Scarab blade measures 3.5" and is grooved for underwater deployment. It comes in black, satin and bead blast finishes (serrated and plain).  The last round saw S30v blade steel however I am unsure if that is what this run will contain.

Here is an excellent detailed video from The Hollow Grind depicting the Microtech Navy Scarab OTF Automatic from 2009: