Microtech Scarab QD OTF Knives For Sale

Microtech Scarab QD OTF Knives For Sale

Posted by Clayton on Mar 8th 2016

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Microtech Knives are no stranger to out the front autos so it comes as no surprise that the Microtech Scarab knife is another in a long list for Microtech.  The Microtech Scarab comes in an executive, QD (quick deployment) and Navy Seal model. All are double action OTF automatic tactical knives that comes in a variety of blade styles and finishes. This no nonsense, tough as nails, out the front auto is a beast among OTF knives.

The Microtech Scarab Executive has a  3.5" single edge drop point blade and the finishes are coming in bead blast, satin, stonewash and black. Blade steels often vary with MT but this run is coming in an Elmax powdered steel. The blade has grooves on the top and side of the blade.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Scarab Executive is the attention to detail and tight tolerances.

The handle on the Microtech Scarab Executive automatic knife is made from black 6061 T-6 aluminum with jimping on both edges of the handle for grip. There are also ports on the current run in the bottom of the handle.

The handle on the QD Scarab has grip tape inlay to give it a rough textured feeling for excellent grip.

Unlike the regular Microtech Scarab, the Executive has a smooth front and back handle, where the standard Scarab has Grip tape inserts. The bead blast finish pocket clip features the scarab beetle and on the end is a bead blast glass breaker..

The  Executive Scarab double action thumb slide deploys and retracts the blade with one press. To open, simply press the slide forward and the blade fires. To close, pull the slide back and it will auto retract. The slide is bead blast finished to match the rest of the hardware on the Scarab.

Grooves on the side of the handle allow for grip to counteract the smooth front and back handles. If your not a fan of the grip tape inserts on the traditional Scarab then you will love this Executive. This is one of my favorite Microtech OTF knives.

The Microtech Scarab Executive is an extremely solid Out the Front automatic that would be a nice addition to any EDC lineup. It fires hard and retracts just as fast. I will say if you have small hands then you may have trouble getting it retracted. I have trouble pulling back on the thumb slide with one finger. Deployment is easy but retraction can be hard for smaller handed people. I would guess over time that will become easier however.

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