Pocket Knives on Planes Hits Snag with "No Knives Act of 2013"

Pocket Knives on Planes Hits Snag with "No Knives Act of 2013"

Posted by Clayton on Feb 28th 2013

Well it didn't take long for anti-knife supporters to fight the new TSA ruling allowing pocket knives on planes. It seems they won't go down without a fight and who can say they are shocked. If you are in favor of carrying your pocket knife or multi-tool on the plane with you then knife supporters need your help.

AKTI.org has reported that on March 12 Democratic Representative Ed Markey introduced the U.S. House Bill 1093 entitled " No Knives Act of 2013", an amendment which would block the newly proposed TSA rule and thus prohibit small (2.36" blade) pocket knives on board airplanes.

It was Rep. Markey who tried to block the carry of scissors and other previously prohibited items back in 2005 but he was unsuccessful with the TSA. So will he be successful now? Who knows but one thing is for sure, he is not going away quietly.

If you are one in favor of carrying pocket knives on planes then you need to contact your local representative and let them know you oppose the "No Knives Act of 2013." To read more about this issue and a list of congressman to contact visit AKTI.org.